A Thousand Lives Lived's Halloween Spookabookish Readathon

Monday, 6 October 2014

   I love the month of October—there's always so many things that are going on! The season of fall really begins to heat up and that always creates those rainy Saturdays that give you the perfect opportunity and feeling to read a good book while being cuddled up in a blanket with a mug of a pumpkin spice latte... but there's also Halloween. 

    I've actually never have done a Halloween bookish tag or event on my blog before, but because I feel like I'm in the total mood for it, why not host my own Halloween readathon event?

    A Thousand Lives Lived's Spookabookish Halloween Readathon!

   This isn't your average bookathon where you've only got two or three days to read a specific number or genre of books, I've planned this to be done all through the month of October! I'm a little late with the starting date, but you can begin whenever! I'm planning to begin ASAP!

      How This Works: Create a pile of books that you need to read that's titles begin with H then A then L and so forth until you spell out the word, "Halloween." There's no really specific genre of books that you can go by, but make sure to read them in whatever order you'd like!
      This is great because it will help you choose different reads or go through your TBR shelf faster... Since I am a very fast reader, I'm going to try and read two "Halloween" piles! Here they are!

         (Thick Reads) I didn't really choose my piles to have specific genres, so they're all mixed with what I can find in my bookshelf: contemporary, dystopia, sci-fi etc. These are basically all thicker reads that are going to take me a longer time to finish!

            (Thin Reads) I couldn't find another book in my shelf that begins with "O," so I chose to go with Quarantine instead, haha. 

             So here's where I need your help! Help me choose which pile I should begin with! If you choose pile 1, I'll begin with the "H" of that one and then move on to the "H" of the next pile, then go back to "A—"in that order, basically. Choose with the poll, please!

Which pile should I begin with?
Pile One (Thin Reads)
Pile Two (Thick Reads)
Poll Maker

     If you choose to participate in this readathon with me, it'd be awesome if you leave a link below (Name @ Blog Name) to your introductory post so I can see your choices!

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What are you planning on being this Halloween? 

       What are you planning on being this Halloween?


  1. Michelle, all those Halloween decorations are adorable! You're quite the creativity queen, love! I naturally voted for pile 2! May the best pile win ;)

    Jess @ My Reading Dress

  2. Hehe, thanks lovely! Ouu I'm so excited for both I seriously wouldn't have been able to choose myself! xD <3

  3. This is a great idea! I would totally join you on this, except SCHOOL.
    ;- (
    Also, I remember you mentioning that you were going to the Toronto International Book Festival a while ago. Are you going on Friday, by an chance?

  4. I'm posting this on my blog so more people can join. :D

  5. @youngwriterscafe: Thank you so much! <3 Yeah, I think I might be going on the Friday—since Gayle Forman and E. Lockhart will be there! <3

  6. Sounds fun, but I won't be joining this year. I'll just finish reading Dracula instead. And I'd vote for pile one, no particular reason beyond it sounded good.

  7. Ah—enjoy Dracula! Man, do I love classics. :) Thanks for visiting! <33


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