The Maze Runner Movie Review: I LOVED THIS

Thursday, 23 October 2014

            Years ago, back when I was a fetus, (okay not literally) I read this book, and absolutely hated it. But who can blame the fetus 10-year-old me? Really, who reads a dystopia hard-concept novel at the age of 10? I did, people. Well, I unfortunately DNF-ed this, and I never looked back at it and had any guilt that I disliked it... until this day, in 2014, when the movie changed my life and made me regret not finishing the book. 

              The Maze Runner was one of those movies that gives you panic attacks and you will leave the theatre like a wreck, where you'll be unable to believe that it was that amazing. The story was fantastic, the actors captured the true image perfectly, and I know what boxed set I'll be asking for Christmas this year. ;)

                NO. DON'T YOU DARE SAY THAT YOU REGRET WATCHING THE MOVIE OR READING THE BOOK. Because you will stand there, like a dummy, realizing like you were wrong the whole time. JUST LIKE I DID. I can't believe that I was left so happy, and so glad and thankful to have seen this.

                 Basically, here's a summary for those of you who've lived under a rock and never heard of this book or don't know what the concept is.

                 Thomas basically wakes up in a box that's escalating upwards. He's in it, and panics. He has no idea where he is, who he is, or what's going on. 

            When he comes to, a bunch of guys are all around him, surprised with his arrival. Apparently he is now known as "Greenie," and the first person to let him know this is Gally, this stern strong dude also known as Will Poulter.

                Everyone around him soon notes that they're all in the Glade, and the maze is found all around them. No one knows what's in the Maze, except for the Maze Runners. The world is unbelievable and know one understands what's the reason behind everything and why everyone's there. 

                Thomas soon finds himself settling into the Glade and its eerie atmosphere. There's a lot of guys who support him and are helping him out in this time of confusion. One of those people are Alby, a man who came to be the first person who had to spend one month on his own in the Glade. 

       One day, the Maze Runners and Alby decide to go into the Maze for a few hours before its walls close up for the night. As everyone begins to await their return, they soon find out that they won't return and they'll be stuck inside the walls with the Grievers, creatures created by the Maze's creators. 

      As the walls begin to close that night, everyone spots the Runners right beside it, but they all know that they won't make it out, since Alby is injured and stung by the Grievers. This changes a person's whole behaviour into something unspeakable. Thomas runs through the crack between the two walls before colliding, and he ends up with Minho and Alby.

        They actually survive the night, and Thomas ends up killing a Griever. No Runner has ever survived the night, as legend tells, and everyone is super-surprised to find them return. As Thomas and the rest of the Gladers begin to discover the truth behind the Maze, a new Glader is added into the crew, and this time, she's a girl. What happens when there's a truth behind everything and you begin to remember?

            This was probably the best book-to-movie adaptations that I've ever seen, and one of my favourite movies. It's easily the best movie of 2014 to me, along with If I Stay. The story was collaborated so well and created just like I can imagine, but even better.

             Can we just talk about how much I love THOMAS AND DYLAN O'BRIEN? 


                ME^ (AKA KATY PERRY)

                 I came out of the theatre sweating, panting, and so happy that I smiled from my mouth to my ears. I literally didn't expect THAT MUCH OF A CLIFFHANGER AND PLOT TWIST. I NEED MORE. And that's why I'm going to go out and read the books as soon as I can.

                 Rating? 10/10 ABSOLUTELY. 

Have you read the books or watched the movie?
What are your thoughts?


  1. I read the first book years ago, but wasn't enamored enough to read the other books, and am wavering on seeing the movie, but think that I should based on this

  2. I was exactly like you! When I read the book way back when, I hated it. Now I'm obsessed with the series.

  3. @Brandi: SAME! I'm so frustrated that I just let these gorgeous books go!

  4. @paperbackprincess: I think I have to join and also become obsessed, hehe. ;)


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