Blogging Like a Professional... Yay or Nay?

Thursday, 9 October 2014

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Blogging Like a Professional...

        I've been blogging for almost 19 months, and I probably have to say that it's my life. Blogging has given me so many opportunities and has taught me so much! Plus, I've met so many amazing people. But okay, if you're also a blogger, then you know this as well. The question is: do you see blogging as a profession?

         For me, NO. I cannot picture blogging as a job or anything. Book blogging and reviewing is a hobby and something I adore doing. It's more than a hobby, it's what has taught me so much.

            NO. HATERS TO THE LEFT. Some people see blogging as a job or simply "something they need to get over with" during their day/week. Sure, you schedule posts and comment back on people's blogs that you love, but it's not a job for me. And really, if you began blogging for something you love, it shouldn't feel as it's a job.

           I'm not a professional at knowing these things. I have tons of experience, but I'm not a master at Blogging 101. It's pretty difficult for me to expand my blog's audience. 

            Are you a pro at blogging? Not to brag or anything, but I feel as if I know how to get around and how to do most things in the blogosphere. 

           It's all basically because of experience. (1) The more experience you have, the more things you learn. Just like with meeting people. In my first month, I only knew a few people and blogs, and look at how many people I know now. And it's also "your look" that gets things going. If you know what you're doing and make your blog look pretty and intriguing, then it will seem as if you are a pro at doing things around here, in this world.

           Sadly and unfortunately, I don't have any photos of the way my blog used to look. But what I can tell you is that there was barely no work being made and it was looked to the minimum. I began with calling my blog, "That Girl With Her Nose in a Book." Yeah, I got annoyed with it and it was way too long for people to remember. That's when "A Thousand Lives Lived" came to me because of George R.R. Martin's quote, and voila. You need something that brings people to your blog. And that's the look. (2) I know so many people who's blogs are gorgeous and there are all of these cool effects and everything that just get you awing.

           You'll obviously want to have good information and statements on your blog. If you're a fantastic reviewer, (3) that shows that you're a pro. Many spelling mistakes, grammar errors, things that don't flow... Those are things that are better not to include if you want to have a good reputation. 

              Think about it. If you don't have those three elements (experience, blog's look, or good at reviewing) then the classification of being a professional isn't there. Damn, I barely am a professional now. I can't wait until I makeover this blog in November!

How do you think you can achieve becoming
a book-blogging professional?


  1. I don't really like to see myself as a 'professional', because I feel like that can take away the fun a bit. Though I did just get business cards printed LOL.

    I think as long as you have a clean design, make sure your content is riddled with errors, and try not to be bland and generic in your posts, then that's all that matters!

  2. Blogging is a hobby to me. I want it to be a fun escape and treating it professionally would ruin that for me.

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

  3. @Allie: I agree! I see it has fun and being a pro at just knowing things I guess... there's always time to improve but the best and most important thing is to have fun! Thanks for visiting! <3

  4. @Karen: Mmm hmm. I understand—for me it's mostly about the fun but I guess you need to know what you're doing most of the time in order to accomplish the "fun" aspect of it. :D

  5. I think blogging can be a profession. It shouldn't be if you don't enjoy doing it though! I am one of the people who is all for people going for the careers they enjoy. Like, I see blogging as a hobby, but I might take it as a profession in the future. Like writing is a hobby for me, but someday I wish to make it my profession too!

  6. I wish that I'd get paid for my review-writing, haha. I mean, who wouldn't? And even if it was a real-profession, I wouldn't really feel it as one. Thankfully, blogging is a hobby that makes me want to go on and on and squeal ten thousand times a day about. <3


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