Top Ten Tuesday #12: Top New Series I'd Like to Begin

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

-Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish which shares bookish lists with others.-


1. The Maze Runner, by James Dashner

   These are still fairly new, right? I technically read TMR before.. but I DNF-ed it. BUT I WAS 10. SO DON'T BLAME ME. I'm planning on getting back to it. *adds it onto Christmas wish list*

2. Fire and Thorns, by Rae Carson

    I've heard so many GOOD things about this one... AND ALMOST EVERY REVIEW I READ IS POSITIVE. All of my bookish friends adore it... So why keep waiting? I need to get to these ASAP.

3. Some Quiet Place, by Kelsey Sutton

    Okay—so this cover is absolutely GORGEOUS, and I feel like I need more of those emotional-dark-contemporaries. ;)

4. Shadowlands, by Kate Brian

     I'VE HAD THIS IN MY BOOKSHELF FOR ALMOST A YEAR AND STILL HAVEN'T GOT TO IT YET. *CRIESSSS* Damn, it's so beautiful, and I love everything that Kate/Kieran writes. :'D

5. Linked, by Imogen Howson

      This is another of those books that I promised myself that I'd get to ASAP (when I said that a millennium ago) but then I never got to it... yet. I actually almost decided to request for an ARC of the sequel but didn't know if this was good or not. Hopefully it stays on the good side. 

6. The Ward, by Jordana Frankel

       Dystopia is life. Dystopia is everything. Dystopia makes me me. :D I always think that we need more dystopia in our lives—we can never get too much of it, hehe.

7. The Game, by Eve Silver

          Every time I walk into the bookstore, I am about to get this one, but then some other book captures my attention and then I end up forgetting about this until I spot it on GR that night. :( I WANT IT, I NEED IT.

8. In the After, by Demitria Lunetta

          Zombie aliens? YAAAAASSS. That's something that you definitely don't read about everyday. :)

9. Fetch, by Kat Falls

          I got this one a few months back, and I just like *squeals in happiness* am so excited. I just need to spread apart the rest of my TBR and find time for this beauty. ;)

10. When We Wake, by Karen Healey 

            I'm slowly realizing that most of my choices here are dystopians and sci-fis.... but it's all good, hehe. This basically sounds like it has everything—perfect premise, a cool setting set 100 years from now, and a fabulous plot and writer. Needed, indeed.

What series do you NEED to begin soon?


  1. I also need to start The Maze Runner!! It sounds very cool! And did you say zombie aliens??? Dude, that is AWESOME!! I'll definitely need to check that book out!! :D

  2. Awww nice picks, Michelle!! :D I lovingly blame you for expanding my TBR again!!

    Rachel @ A Perfection Called Books

  3. Wonderful list this week, Michelle! <3 I really need to read The Maze Runner and The Girl of Fire and Thorns too. :)

  4. @Liliana: Yes, ZOMBIE-ALIENS! *squeals* I'm so excited! LOL!

  5. @Rachel: Hehe, thanks lovely! xD I totally take the blame, but I am secretly not feeling guilty. ;)

  6. @Ebony: Thank you Ebony! <33 I hope you do enjoy!


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