The Magic of Scheduling Blog Posts

Thursday, 16 October 2014

This week's topic...

The Magic of Scheduling Blog Posts!

           I have to sadly admit that I used to be someone who was unable to see the magic of scheduling blog posts.

             I actually rarely used to click that "schedule" button at all. What times did I actually click it?

  •  during the A-Z challenge where I need to write a post the day before.
  •  when I was tired and knew that I wouldn't get to write a post the next day.

                It is! I mean... it was. I seriously don't know how I did it. But I guess it's okay once in a while... especially if you're not caught up with writing your posts and haven't posted in a few days and write the review and then just post it automatically. 

              But I find that it's so much better and easier to just write your posts beforehand! Actually, I'm sitting here, writing this post almost a week and a half earlier than it's scheduled to go on. I write it, and then there's one less thing or idea to worry about. 

                 For me, the best time to go all out and write my posts is when I get the idea/finish reading the book, or whenever I have a bunch of time. 

                 Scheduling blog posts earlier gives me so much time for later, time that I can spend reading, commenting on other people's blogs, or doing something other than rushing and writing a post for that very day or the coming day. And when I go all out and write posts in advance... I feel like I really deserve that pat on the back. ^_^


                  And another thing coming back from my old noob blogger days? I used to write posts/reviews, and post them automatically, one after the other. *face palms self* I was really dumb. How are people supposed to see the reviews that were under that one main post? It's basically impossible because people usually go onto the blog to see the first main post. 

                    I guess I can say I learned a lot in my present blogger days... Calendars, lists, scheduling posts... they're all handy-dandy tools that certainly help me out 24/7. Blogging is not a job, but it's absolutely a commitment that we chose to take when we signed up for this wonderful glorious pleasure of ours... right? 

 Do you enjoy scheduling posts in advance?
How far do you usually schedule and write your posts to?


  1. I actually didn't really understand the schedule button until I accidentally hit it one day lol..... The most I've scheduled is for the 3 weeks that I was away for vacation. I didn't want to desert my blog so I went crazy with scheduling posts. It was like I wasn't away at all! Very useful tool. Sadly now that I'm back from vacation, I'm feeling really down so I haven't managed to schedule any new reviews or posts yet. I'm also behind on writing reviews... Hope I get out of this state soon :(

  2. Scheduling is so good! I'm still new to blogging (been blogging since January), but I didn't start scheduling posts until perhaps late June...I just didn't see the point of it. Now, whenever I have quite a bit of spare time and I know what I'll be posting for the next week/week and a half, I'll go ahead and write up my posts and schedule them - it's so much easier than worrying about getting a post written and posted on time if you're writing it the day it needs to be published. :) Thanks for sharing a great discussion topic, Michelle.

  3. I am THE WORST at scheduling blog posts in advance (or doing anything in advance really...), but I've definitely been getting slowly better at it. I completely agree that its' so helpful because you don't have to struggle to post content and you can reserve to commenting and connecting with other bloggers. Thanks for sharing and, as always, FABULOUS post! <3

  4. Tbh, I have posts written out but I don't actually schedule them. That's because in order to put them into the actual post I have to format and spell check which takes FOREVER and I'm lazy D; So I tend to only format about one or two days in advance. Plus I've been bested by the schedule button TWO times now. I leave half formatted or slightly missing posts because I KNOW it's not meant to go up yet and my schedule button releases them EARLY :O So now I have a crazy aversion to it! Fantastic discussion, love! <33 x

    Jess @ My Reading Dress

  5. Once I figured out how to schedule posts, I do it with most of them. Every so often I forget or I add something new at the last minute, but mostly, that little button is one of my best blogging buddies.

  6. @Eileen: LOL, me neither! *looks back at noob bloggy days back in '13* I was really dumb for not scheduling my posts back when I went on vacation as well! I totally get you, hun. I went in such a bad state after I came back from Florida. I just recently became on track and feel great, and that's really what inspired me to write this post! *sends hugs*

  7. @Ebony: I think most bloggers have went through that state when they'd just post their reviews at the moment. At least, that was me for like a year! xD I totally agree! Sometimes my posts are even scheduled three weeks in advance now, makes it so much easier to handle commenting and school! Thanks! <33

  8. @Zoe: LOL! I was utterly horrible back then. OMG, the horror! *looks back at old bloggy day memories* Thanks, hun! <3333

  9. @Jess: Ah, yes! I usually have mine in drafts until the days before, because yeah, I have to make sure the post is formatted perfectly and no spelling or grammar errors. And then at the same time, I feel like it's good to at least set the dates beforehand so you can see your timeframe and such. Haha, thanks, lovely! <33

  10. @M.R.R: Yeah, there are so many times when I leave something out and I'm running to fix it at the last minute. Or the horror is even worse when the post is already on and I catch it. *blushes*

  11. I love all of your discussion posts:) I just love them and look forward to reading them every Thursday:) You give out great advice, so thank you!

  12. @YA Princess: Aw! Oh my gosh, thank you so much—you've made my day! No scratch that, you've made the rest of my days! *blushes* You're absolutely welcome, but THANK YOU!


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