YOLO by Lauren Myracle Review

Friday, 10 October 2014

YOLO (Internet Girls #4), by Lauren Myracle

Genre: Young Adult Fiction, Chick-lit, Contemporary, Romance

Rating: 4.5/5 stars

Publication: August 26, 2014, by Amulet Books

Format: Hardcover Edition (borrowed)

Goodreads Summary: Through texts and messages, the mega-bestselling, beloved Internet Girls series followed the ups and downs of school for three very different, very close friends. Now it’s freshman year of college for the winsome threesome, and *everything* is different. For one, the best friends are facing their first semester apart. Way, way apart. Maddie’s in California, Zoe’s in Ohio, and Angela’s back in Georgia. And it’s not just the girls who are separated. Zoe’s worried that Doug wants to break up now that they’re at different schools, and Maddie’s boyfriend, Ian, is on the other side of the country.In the face of change and diverging paths, Maddie’s got a plan to keep the friends close, and it involves embracing the present, making memories, and . . . roller derby! Using of-the-moment technology, Lauren Myracle brings her groundbreaking series into the brave new virtual world of texting and tweets.


" mad maddie: what do you mean, why?

  mad maddie: what's the point of torturing ourselves by talking about something we can't have?

  SnowAngel: :/

  SnowAngel: um, because sharing your feelings would make you feel better? 

  mad maddie: ohhhh

  mad maddie: and what wld I say? that I wish I'd gone to UGA instead of Santa Cruz so that we cld hold hands and walk to class together and crawl into the same bed every night? that California is so much farther away than I thought? that without him, I feel like I'm dying inside? "

    Maddie, Angela, and Zoe have been there for me and with me since I was young. Pre-teen age, actually. I first read TTYL when I was 10. Sure, it was a little too mature for me at the time, but the actuality of reading a book in text format seemed so interesting and awesome. That was before. Now, the text format doesn't matter. It's more than that. It's their stories, their friendship, their believing. Yeah, that sounds cheesy, but that's what it did for me, and I'm so thankful for their teaching and story. 

    It's been many years since I finished the supposedly "last book," L8R, G8R, and I would never think that a new book would be released in this series. Finding this out, I wanted YOLO more than anything—to experience and read about what happened later, and to fall asleep knowing the fact that everything turned out okay in the end and that my favourite trio is happy. 

     You're probably thinking: What could three girls be texting about in 200 pages? Sure, it's not many pages and this looks like a rather quick read, but in fact, I took my time reading it because I know that I won't get to enjoy their stories anymore except if I re-read them, which I probably will in the future. Lauren Myracle has written 200 pages of happiness, 200 pages of amazingness, 200 pages of believable friendship that makes you wish that you can experience what they experienced with each other. 

      The story begins with the threesome apart. Angela's in Georgia, living in a dorm with her new sorority sisters. Maddie's in Santa Cruz living in a dorm full of girls who all knew each other in high schools and are practically besties. And Zoe? Zoe's in Ohio, two hours away from her boyfriend, Doug, in a single dorm. As much as they wish they could be together, they're where they are for separate reasons, and when Maddie tries to get the other two to agree to a pact about living your life (because YOLO), they're in. At the same time, they all have their own struggles and are beginning to realize what they really want to do in life and how much they really need each other.

      Looking back to their attitudes and personalities back in the first book, the character-developments have been crazy. 

       That's ^ what I was like when meeting them for the first time in this book. Sure, the trio still have their own quirks and weird stuff, but in the end, they've all went beyond their personal boundaries. High-five to my favourite chicks!
       Zoe: As for who went the craziest in personality, Zoe comes to mind. Through the beginning of this book to the middle, I hated her. She's too goody and too whiny and doesn't let others do what they want. But after the incident with Doug, she changed, and I'm actually happy to say for the better. She let loose, but in good ways. Her usual two-faced self went to one good face. 

      Maddie: Man, has she changed. For most of the book, our crazy-partying Mads has turned into a depressed girl. And, everyone sensed it, including Zoe and Angela. Maddie has always been my favourite character out of the three, and I hated to see that the whole college-experience was bringing her down. Man, but what awesome friends she has!

    Angela: Angela? Partier? NOO! Yeah, she was. This girl gave me so many LOL moments—she stunned me, as usual. Total favourite. She quirked me up, hehe.

      Lauren Myracle always creates a bumpy ride for us with real-life problems, but her books are so fun. As an ending to a fabulous series that has taught me a lot and has given me a new perspective on friendship in literature, it was amazing. I basically couldn't have asked for anything better, except a stronger beginning. Fab!

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