Stacking the Shelves #11: October 4

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Hey, everyone! I am a very happy and pleased person today—I am very proud and satisfied with this week's book haul of mine! I have to admit that I've bought, borrowed, and received many pretty reads for a week's time. 

What's been going on? Not too much, really. I'm planning on announcing a Halloween-bookish-themed tag that I will be creating on the blog sometime this week (to get us all in the mood for the spookiness of reads) and my Heir of Fire review will be going up on the blog on Wednesday! (Damn, that book was beautiful.)

I also have to announce that I am not co-blogging on Happy Indulgence anymore for the fact that I am not able to keep up with both blogs at the same time. School is too crazy. But of course, you can find my reviews and I over here 24/7! ;)

My Physical Book Haul:

No physical books from the publishers this week, but many from libraries! I borrowed Dangerous Creatures and The Knife of Never Letting Go from my school library, and Tsarina, Now & Forever, Fan Art, Made For You, and Can't Look Away from the public library!
Hehe I was also fortunate to grab myself a copy of We Were Liars from my bookstore! I've wanted it for the longest time... and have heard many great things about it. I'm also going to be seeing E. Lockhart at a book-fair here in Toronto next month!

Digital Book Haul:

H20 by Virginia Bergin —  DYSTOPIAN PERFECTION. OMG I can't wait!
Gone Too Far, by Natalie D. Richards — I wasn't all fascinated with Six Months Later, but I love the concept of this one!

Rebels by Accident, by Patricia Dunn — I've had my eyes on this one for a long time, apparently it's very inspirational! :D

Hit, by Delilah S. Dawson — I NEED SERVANTS OF THE STORM, and this one sounds amazing. This sounds like superhero awesomeness.

Compulsion, by Martina Boone — Beautiful cover, beautiful romance. It sounds perfect as a fall-rainy day read. 

Posts you may have missed this week...

That's it–folks! What were your newest additions? Let me know below!


  1. I go crazy in libraries xD Great haul, Michelle! I hope you enjoy (especially Compulsion. I didn't get on TOO crazily with that one but am still curious about what you'll think! ^_^) Have a good upcoming week!

    Jess @ My Reading Dress

  2. LOL SAME—all day, everyday! Thank you so much, hun! Compulsion looks sooo good and intriguing! I hope the positive reviews will grow on me, haha! <33

  3. Nice haul girl! ;) Let me know how Compulsion is :)

  4. MICHELLE! You'll be missed at Happy Indulgence, but I'm glad you'll at least still be here! I completely understand though - balancing school and blogging is super difficult!

    And wow! Fabulous haul! I absolutely ADORED We Were Liars (probably one of my favorite books of the year thus far). It will manipulate and twist your mind to the very end in the best possible way. And I've heard so many fabulous things about The Knife of Never Letting Go and Compulsion, so looking forward to hearing your thoughts on them as well.

    Thanks for sharing, and happy reading! <3

    ~ Zoe @ The Infinite To-Read Shelf

  5. Aww, thanks hun! It was a tough decision to make but I truly think that it's for the better. :)

    Ah, yay! I'm so excited for it—have heard such marvellous things about it! E. Lockhart is a fabulous author, I'm ready for a mysterious thrill ride!

    Thank you hun! Have a fabulous week! (I'm heading onto your blog, so uncaught up with blog commenting!) <3


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