The Power That Authors Have on Us...

Thursday, 30 October 2014

The Power That Authors Have
On Readers...

              Authors are such awesome people. They write amazing stories, are so friendly and giving, and they inspire us to do amazing things. I seriously have been thinking that we need to bow down to these wonderful people, every single day. They honestly change who we are!

                Over the past few years, I've chatted with many authors and they're such wonderful peeps. Honestly, they're so easy-going and a blogger added into one of their Twitter chats definitely starts a mighty discussion. 

                 For example... Take Lauren DeStefano.

                This woman is amazing... and a mastermind at the same time.

                 And of course, these people at-the-same-time-as-their-other-roles inspire us. They have some crazy majestic power on us... And it's difficult to signify, but it's totally there. I see it everyday. The way these people are on social media, blogs/websites, author's notes/acknowledgements, and wherever else you find words written by your favourite authors, is inspiring. The message that their book may be portraying out loud can or even isn't always OMG-I-Need-To-Change-My-Lifestyle-Around worthy, but I must honestly say that they make us better people, in ways. They write for us, actually. (TO MAKE US HAPPY)

                      Don't you love those heartwarming tweets that authors send you once they read your fabulous review of their novel? *blushes* Those are literally the best. And then after that, (if you adored their book) you're honestly usually always keen to go on and find their other books or pieces of writing, ASAP. It's some sort of system, haha.

                     This is where YOU come in. Do you think authors have some mysterious wackifying power on us readers/bloggers? Next week we'll discuss the results!


  1. I love being able to interact with authors on Twitter! They're so awesome! I'm not very good at tweeting but it's definitely a good tool to talk to bloggers and authors. I hope I get better at it :S

  2. Aw I love how authors aren't as "majestical" as they once were before the popularity of the internet. They used to be these elusive figures who'd we'd never meet apart from through their words. BUT I love how we're able to interact with authors now. They're so incredibly nice and hilarious!

    Jess @ My Reading Dress

  3. @Eileen: I KNOW, AHH! Twitter is the ultimate best way to chat with them. Their tweets can be so random and so engaging! I find myself finding more authors through it! :)

  4. @Jess: LOL exactly! They were so anonymous and seeing one was like another ice age, such unbelievable stuff. I love meeting with them and finding out about their lives! xD


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