Being in the Atmosphere of Reading: Are You the Only One?

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Are you the only one who reads or gets criticized for what you read?

     Uhh... OF COURSE NOT.

           Nope—you're not. I have to admit that all of us readers, bloggers, reviewers, fellows, whatever you call yourselves, go through this and think about am I the only one at some point in our reading lives. 

            For many years, I was the only bookworm that I knew. Strange that sounds, but it's absolutely true. In my old elementary school, no one read anything unless it was mandatory (like The Outsiders in Grade 7 and The Hunger Games in Grade 8) or until TFIOS got popular. That's when girls decided to go out to Chapters and buy the book. -_- I read it when I was in GRADE SEVEN, people! *takes a deep breath in and out* Sometimes I also question people by being unable to classify someone as a "true bookworm."

            People couldn't believe how much I enjoyed reading. I WAS THE ONLY ONE. No, there wasn't a person in my school who I could run to and start gushing books to. And that's why, in some ways, blogging has helped me realize that there's tons of those people out there, all over the place. 

             Have you ever got laughed at? Have you ever had to ditch your friends to read instead? Okay, for a second I realized that I was sounding like I'm going to be giving a speech on bullying. *laughs* Anywho, it sucks to be alone in the atmosphere of reading, or the readosphere, as I call it.


            I've been stuck in this place thousands of times, and have gone through and lived thousand of lives. (Look's back to my blog's title.)

              Criticizers suck. They annoy me. LIKE HONESTLY—GO DO WHAT YOU LIKE! Us readers won't make fun of you. *sighs* 

               But as I've made the transition into high school, I've found that there's so many readers here. I've made many friends who I am able to talk "books" with. Proud YA supporters, people! And some of these people who I've met have seen this blog! 

                And another last thing about criticizers: they think that they can start talking to you without "disturbing" you whenever they'd like. NO. NO. If you see that I'm in a good mood and am fairly enjoying the book that I am reading, then please STAY AWAY. You don't understand what kind of mess you just got yourself into, bro.

             This post probably sums up all of my feelings that I have towards criticizers.

Do you ever feel that you get criticized
and made fun of for what you read?


  1. I know how you feel! Fortunately there are a decent amount of readers at my school but I do get how you feel with the TFIOS situation. One of my good friends reads as much as I do so it's so fun to get to rant and talk about books with them c:

  2. Aw I'm glad that you've met a bunch of supportive friends in high school! Forgot those who've judged you! It's a new leaf, hun! Luckily, while I'm surrounded by close, close friends who care not about reading, they're all so incredibly supportive. If we're shopping around and I need to pop into the bookstore for a couple of minutes (which turns into great lengths of time), they'd happily accompany me without a complaint. It's all about who you've got that surrounds you and I'm so glad that you've found a great group of people to talk books with! :) x

  3. This post is so relatable! I've never really had friends that were big bookworms like me. It was hard to not have anyone to run to after you've finished a good book. However, once I got to high school, I found more and more bookworms. I also see what you mean about people liking books once they become popular. I had the same problem with tfios. I was a bit annoyed that the people who once judged me for reading, were now all over it.

  4. @Kaitlin: Ah ha! I find that the bigger school you go to, the more readers or variety of people you'll find. That's so awesome! It's great when you can probably spend a day in the bookstore with them without anger and wanting to go somewhere else instead. :)

  5. @Jess: LOL they're such awesome "leaves!" Ahh that's so great that you have friends who are 100% supportive of you and your love and addiction! xD Book shopping is an addiction, isn't it? ;)

  6. @paperbackprincess: Thank you so much, lovely! Same, that was exactly where I was for so many years! I bet that Paper Towns and Looking For Alaska will turn into the next TFIOS, haha. But I sure am proud to say that I read them before they got mainstream!


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