Stacking the Shelves #15: November 2

Sunday, 2 November 2014



        This week was awesome and Halloween was awesome. ;) I'm really not-in-the-mood because we got our first snowfall today. Ugh. That's what you call "Canadian weather." Honestly, I only want snow on Christmas. Because if there's snow, then everyone's in the spirit. *thinks of people in Florida and California* Okay, first of all, why I am I thinking of Christmas? 

          I was a scarecrow for Halloween. ^_^

         This week I didn't get too many books as I did last week, but I'm blushing 24/7 because I have... More Than This by Patrick Ness!

            I've been wanting this for the longest time and now that it's paperback, it's definitely the best thing ever. And if you read John Green's quote on it, you'll be sure to need to read it. 

             And finally...

              This has always been on my must-buy/read list of 2014, and finding out that it's in the library made my day, and I'm pretty sure that I'm the first to read it. Eeee.... Kiss Kill Vanish!

Who were you for Halloween? What are your newest additions?


  1. I love snow *I know you don't want it but I'm totally jealous right now*!
    I want More Than This so much. But there are other books I need to buy first I guess.
    My newest addition is The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window & Disappeared. An odd name but I heard great things!

  2. LOL! For now, it's gone—all melted. But I hear that more's on the way! xD I'm so excited for More Than This, the premise is astonishing!

    OMG. I've heard such great things as well, and I need to get my hands on it! <3


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