The Prince of Venice Beach, by Blake Nelson Review

Monday, 10 November 2014

The Prince of Venice Beach, by Blake Nelson

Genre: Young Adult Fiction, Contemporary, Romance

Rating: 3/5 stars

Publication: June 3, 2014, by Little Brown Books for Young Readers

Format: Hardcover Edition (borrowed)

Goodreads Summary: Robert "'Cali" Callahan is a teen runaway, living on the streets of Venice Beach, California. He's got a pretty sweet life: a treehouse to sleep in, a gang of surf bros, a regular basketball game...even a girl who's maybe-sorta interested in him.What he doesn't have is a plan. All that changes when a local cop refers Cali to a private investigator who is looking for a missing teenager. After all, Cali knows everyone in Venice. But the streets are filled with people who don't want to be found, and when he's hired to find the beautiful Reese Abernathy, who would do anything to stay hidden, Cali must decide where his loyalties truly lie.


         This book honestly was so much fun to read. It was the perfect summer read, and it was definitely the type to make you giggle and squeal and soak up the sun. *says in a cheesy matter* I absolutely regret reading this in the dawn of fall. -.-

         As you probably can recognize from the title, this book is about summer. Robert Callahan is a runaway, and he's homeless, living in sunny California. At the same time, this a mystery where "Cali" is referred to a private investigator where he'll be searching for a missing teenage girl. This is a summer where he'll be introduced to a whole new different perspective of life and living it.


          I KNOW. BUT THAT'S WHAT IT WAS AND BECAME. Surprisingly, this wasn't as good as I expected it to be. It was simply a "meh" read that left me hanging and upset. A mystery? Yes, but it wasn't one that left us in suspense mode and wondering what will happen next. The way it went was the way we followed, no feelings after.

          As this story unfolded into a bigger story from behind, we got to know more about the characters and their pasts. For once, we learned about some rough pasts, which rarely occurs in contemporary novels. Sure, some of the dark hot guys in paranormal books have some secrets behind their backs, but almost never in contemporaries. *thinks of stereotypes* This time around, Blake Nelson gave contemporary a little twist and made the story not exactly what it seemed to be like from the perspective of a reader before beginning.

         Cali wasn't your average protagonist. First of all, he was MALE! *squeals* Yay, for once! Add that to uniqueness. 

           He was totally adorable, I must say. *sighs and fans self* The way he portrayed the mystery and mixed it in with real life was total beauty. I mean, it felt real, and this can totally happen on the street any day, anytime, believe it or not.

            To describe this book in a quick few words, this was a literal quick read. It was fun, quick, but nothing special at the same time. I wasn't really captivated, and this was just a quick read that you can complete in a night without making a big deal over. The was all about a boy detective trying to make it in the big world and dealing with things that he's never dealt with ever before. Eh, go for it.

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