Stacking the Shelves #16: November 9

Sunday, 9 November 2014

         I had a fantastic week, y'all! I know I might be saying this a little too much, but every week that goes by makes me think that CHRISTMAS IS ONE STEP CLOSER. I'm ready for Christmas carols.

         Okay, so what really happened this week? Nothing too much. I mean, I've been chilling, relaxing, and I've been reading a lot more than usual on a weekly basis. I'm excited! I really feel like I need to finish reading my library books—I've been renewing them far too much.

        And I got book mail from St. Martin's Press for the first time! I was literally shedding and bawling tears when I opened the package on Wednesday. SO SO EXCITED to see the gorgeous The Good Sister by Jamie Kain in my bookshelf now! I've literally been wanting it since I spotted it on Netgalley a few months back. I was about to add it onto my Christmas wish-list! (By the way, have you began yours?) I already have more than 30 books on that list, I feel quite embarrassed to be honest.

         *cries of beauty* THEY MADE MY DAY, HONESTLY!

           That's all for me! What are your newest additions
and book news?


  1. YAY for time to read and relax! I really need to be better at time management because I want to do too many things aside from work and I'm failing at it1
    Oigh Michelle, let's not talk about Xmas till after Thanksgiving, pleeeaseee!! ;)
    Happy reading!!

  2. AW CHRISTMAS IS SUPER EXCITING, RIGHT?! Since there's no thanksgiving in Aus, I'm happily singing all my christmas tunes already haha I get a tad christmas crazy but hey, it's the holiday season, right? It's great that you've had a lot of time to read. Hopefully it's that way up until christmas! :D

  3. @Pili: LOL I feel like I'm really good at managing my time, but then at other times I don't. I procrastinate a lot when it comes to blogging on weekdays... Meh. Haha, well Thanksgiving already passed a while ago here in Canada so Christmas is probably on all Canadians' minds! x)

  4. @Jess: OMG YAASSSS! Ah ha! Thanksgiving honestly feels like it happened two years ago. I can't believe that Americans get it in the end of this month! What a difference, eh? I LOVE CHRISTMAS CAROLS. THEY'RE ABSOLUTELY AMAZING TO READ WITH. Hehe thanks hun!


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