American Girl on Saturn, by (the amazing) Nikki Godwin

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Title: American Girl on Saturn

Author: Nikki Godwin

Rating: 5+++++/5 stars

Release Date: August 29, 2013 (copy provided for honest review)

Format: ebook

Goodreads Average Rating: 5.00

Age Group: 11+

  This is how I'm feeling after reading this original, beautiful, amazing (I could seriously go on and on) novel.
  Words To The Marvellous Author: Nikki, you have written a stupendous fantastic novel that all readers will sure remember forever. I loved American Girl on Saturn so very much, I can't wait to see what else you have in store for us readers. You certainly deserve an applause.


   Chloe Branson sure does expect the best summer of her life, the one right after graduation. But not for long. When her secret-service-agent dad drops the bomb that gunshots were heard at her little sister's favourite boyband, Spaceships Around Saturn's concert, the boys are in hiding immediately and have no other place to stay other than at the Branson house. Soon after, the three Branson sisters and Spaceships Around Saturn are in lockdown, right in the Branson House. Little do the girls know that they are in for the summer of their lives.

   Nikki, this one's for you! A boyband tribute!
   I thought that Nikki's Chasing Forever Down was terrific, but boy, each novel of hers gets better and better! 

   I have so many things to say about this novel, and how much I adored it. Right from the moment I saw the cover, I have been going crazy to get this novel, and now when I finally have it, I am fangirling more than I expected.

  Right from when I started reading this late last night, I couldn't put it down. From page 1 I knew that I will adore it and that it's a keeper. Sadly, I couldn't read this all night long, I had to get my beauty sleep so I could read this during the day, today.

  This story is so different from the others, and different is good. I had to take a break from the dystopian novels, and this one was the one that met that category that you could read anytime and you'll be hooked in.

  Now, the characters.

  I've never seen a group of characters so impacting before. 

  The Branson sisters are the group of girls that I wish to know. Each of them have something special about them, and you could see that Nikki put special meaning to each of them.

  My favourite Branson would probably have to be Chloe, she reminds me of myself in a way, the oldest sister of two, and the one who believes that everything happens for a reason.

  I saved the boys for last, just because I WISH THAT THEY WERE REAL! I'D BE A SATURNITE FOR LIFE!

  Okay. There. I said it.

  I love One Direction, I really do, but sorry lads, Spaceships Around Saturn are my new favourite!

  Okay, so I'm going to separate the 5 boys here, just so I can say what I like about each of them.

  Tate: First of all, when Aralie kept of putting his face on Chloe's door, that was hilarious. Now, Tate was that silly goose kind of character. He's like my sister in a way, always trying to make a laugh out of anything but has a good heart.

  Jules: I loved that he was the bad boy of the group, and surprisingly ended up with...  He had that personality that many people long to have and I think that he'd make a good friend.

  Benji: He's the Harry Styles of the group, there I said it. I imagine him as the guy who's always fixing his hair and keeps a mirror in his pocket, lol.

  Noah: This is the guy that I'd love to have as a friend. He's sweet, caring, and willing. Ahh..

  Milo: ASDFGHIKLASDFGHIKLASDFGHIKL. Team Milo for life! I love these type of guys, well dressed, mature, but fun and caring all at the same time. I love him sooooo much, even though I have no particular chance with him! 0%, unless there is a Milo in this world...

 I loved American Girl on Saturn so much, it's one of my top favourites, definitely.




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  1. Michelle! You have no idea how happy this review made me! (haha! And Liam! That's awesome!) I was super nervous about taking on the world of boybands because so many people love One Direction and might not be as accepting of a fictional boyband. Your enthusiasm and excitement has made me even more ready for August 29th so I can share this book with more people. Thank you for volunteering to read it early for me! You more than deserve a special place in Saturnite territory! <3


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