Fated, by Alyson Noël

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Title: Fated

Author: Alyson Noël

Rating: 2/5 stars

Release Date: May 22, 2012

Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin

Format: Paperback Edition

Goodreads Average Rating: 3.75

Age Group: 12+

  This is how I'm feeling right now. Peter Griffin might have a point here.

  What was wrong with Alyson Noël, a fantastic author? I enjoyed Evermore and the rest of her novels, but Fated just really surprised me, I thought that it could've been much better.


 The Story: 

    This is what a lot of reviewers concentrate on, and I am definitely one of them. The storyline is the thing that's the main point, what everyone focuses on. This was the thing upset me the most in this novel.

    This idea isn't unique, many novels have this kind of concept, that people can see spirits, this is a little like Noël's Radiance.

    I was bored throughout the novel, nothing huge happened, and the details were upsetting, the author added too much to places where things shouldn't be needed.

   By the time Daire found out that she was a Soul Seeker, half of the novel was already over and we couldn't get to see the sunshine come out. If the novel was a little longer with more happening events, I'd sure give it a higher rating.

  Okay, Peter Griffin, you've done enough here, just get out!


The Characters:


 Huh? Ohh.. right.

  Again, I wasn't so pleased with these guys either. I didn't feel a spark, or a like toward these characters, to me, they really were fictional, I usually get some feelings towards them, and I imagine them walking on this very planet. These guys.. nothing.

  Daire really was an insecure, weak character toward me. She was confused for half of the book, it's like she was walking for no reason, I guess she was just taking a stroll in the town of Enchantment?

  The only character that I ended up liking was Daire's grandmother, Paloma. This lady was wise, insensitive and strong, she acted like she had a whole lot of experience in life and that we also have to enjoy it.



  Fated wasn't everything that I was looking for, I'd call it an okay, bleh 2 star novel. I'm going to read the second novel anyways, I got it even before I read this one, so hopefully, it will be much more enjoyable, and Alyson Noël will please me like she always did.

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