Where The Truth Lies, by Jessica Warman

Friday, 5 July 2013

Title: Where The Truth Lies

Author: Jessica Warman

Rating: 4/5 stars

Release Date: September 28, 2010

Publisher: Walker Childrens

Format: Paperback Edition

Goodreads Average Rating: 3.66

Why Did I Choose It?

Because I heard that it's a good book for seventh graders and up, so I felt that it was good for my age group.


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My Review:

  I think that Where The Truth Lies is a fantastic start to Jessica Warman's novels. Taking place in a boarding school on the East Coast of the U.S, I really was in the mood to read this.

  Emily Meckler is known as daddy's girl, her father is the headmaster of a Connecticut prep boarding school, where she has an A-List life, she's popular, has amazing roommates/best friends, and one boy has his eyes locked on her. Everything isn't always what it seems. For a long time, Emily has been getting nightmares featuring fires and water, but she doesn't know what they're supposed to mean. She goes to therapy, but nothing helps.

  When she meets Del Sugar, a mysterious, intelligent new student to the school, they instantly create a bond, and after that, it's everything she has ever wanted. As lies and secrets begin to unfold, Emily is sent on a journey that us readers will remember forever.

   I couldn't believe how heart-stopping this plot became. I felt like I skimmed through the novel, I read it so fast. I'd call this a psychological/mystery/romance/realistic novel that we all will love and enjoy for a long time. I was captivated by the first chapter and the story still doesn't seem to end in my mind.

  Emily was a great lead. Sometimes, though, she didn't know what to do, that's fine, so much was going on in her life, I know I wouldn't know what to do as well. She was selfless, and independent all at the same time, by the end, I think that she had everything figured out, even though she went through a lot, especially all of the lies that surrounded her.

   My second favourite character was Renee. I hated her in the beginning, she seemed bratty to me, but by the end, you could tell that she helped Emily get through everything so much. She was a best friend that I'd love to have, including mine already (you know who you are).

   Everyone else made a big impact on this novel, this world just is one that I'd love to live in, perhaps if it's not like ours in a way.

   Would I Recommend?


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