Forever in Blue, by Ann Brashares

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Title: Forever in Blue

Author: Ann Brashares

Rating: 4/5 stars

Release Date: January 9, 2007

Publisher: Delacorte Books

Format: Paperback Edition

Goodreads Average Rating: 3.77

Age Group: 13+

   "Some people fall in love over and over again while some people can only do it once."

   Seeing the series leaving off here was the right thing, but at the same time, I was disappointed, mainly because I loved this series so much. Ann Brashares has created one of the best chick-literature series I've ever read, and the one that introduced me into reading YA novels.

   The Traveling Pants are in for one last, glorious summer where Lena, Carmen, Bridget, and Tibby are all ready and settled in college, where they all are finding who they are, and who they want to become. Each girl will have to make the decision to leave the pants behind, including their memories, or to keepsake and treasure them inside their hearts forever.

   I found that the third and fourth books of the series weren't the strongest, as the first two novels were. Maybe it was because of my experience, from the first novel to the last, I've squeezed many, many novels in between, hundreds for that matter, and I probably have found better ones that succeeded my expectations and more. Although the first two books were glorious five star rating novels, the last two didn't meet that up, stayed at a good four.

  This story, like I said ended in the right place, and was very interesting. Us readers knew that we had to say our last (not technically) goodbye to the series and its characters, and the story quickly went to that place.

  These girls have truly grew up from where they started. Obviously, the pants helped them grow to where they landed, but in another way, the pants grew within them. The girls were once insecure best friends who never knew that they were all somewhat alike in a way. The pants brought them together, and helped them deal with their issues when they didn't have each other, in person.

  Once upon a time, in a fictional world, were four beautiful teenage-soon to be adult girls, who never knew that one pair of jeans could change their lives forever.

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