Generation Dead, by Daniel Waters

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Title: Generation Dead

Author: Daniel Waters

Rating: 4/5 stars

Release Date: April 7, 2009

Publisher: Disney-Hyperion

Format: Paperback Edition

Goodreads Average Rating: 3.62

Age Group: 12+

     When I chose my next to-read pile, this novel was the one that I was looking forward to be reading the most, and in fact, I really enjoyed it!

     All over the country, teenagers who have died are coming back to life again. Phoebe Kendall is just one of those girls who has a crush on the undead. Oakville High is one of the high schools that are beginning to welcome the differently biotic, and some people in the school aren't so happy about the decision. Phoebe and her friends, Adam and Margi have to keep the undead safe before things get worse...

    I mainly enjoyed this novel because it was different from the rest. You don't see a novel about zombies and teenagers coming back to life these days, and how we see many obsessions (The Walking Dead for example,) you'd really think that this novel is a great start for those teenager zombie lovers.

   Phoebe was a good lead, she was different, I mean in the goth way, and I really saw what she was trying to show everyone in this novel, and she showed it exceptionally. The zombies/undead were really different from what I imagined them as, which surprised me.

  Generation Dead was a novel thats sequel I am sure to read.

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