Mutilate My Heart, by Emily Godwin

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Title: Mutilate My Heart

Author: Emily Godwin

Rating: 4/5 stars

Release Date: July 9, 2013

Format: ebook

Goodreads Average Rating: 4.44

Age Group: 12+

  After reading Emily's Behind The Wooden Door, I knew that I wanted more from this fantastic author. 

   Mutilate My Heart was the perfect YA paranormal romance. I wish that more people could realize that we have a terrific novel right here in front of ours hands.

   Becca is the ultimate Mutilated Arteries fan, a rock band known for their wacky names and deep lyrics. When Becca and her best friend, Carli, go to their concert and get to meet the guys themselves, each girl starts a relationship with one of the guys and their journey is just getting started. All that they don't know is that the guys are keeping a deep dark secret within. 

   Emily has done it again! 

    Right from the start, I knew that I would enjoy this novel so much, after reading American Girl on Saturn, by Emily's sister, Nikki, I wanted another Godwin novel! 

I loved how the two stories related. In American Girl on Saturn, the character of Aralie's favourite band was Mutilated Arteries, and Spaceships Around Saturn was vaguely mentioned in this story. You could tell that the two Godwin sisters have a sisterly bond that many siblings long to have.

I couldn't put this novel down. Emily created a beautiful story that quickly went past, the events were unique and fun. 

Becca and Carli had a likeable friendship that you don't see very often in novels, they were always there for each other and were alike in a lot of ways. I especially liked the men of Mutilated Arteries, especially Sketch, he's a Milo from another story! 

Another summer read that will satisfy readers from the start. Loved it! 

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