Fracture, by Megan Miranda

Friday, 5 July 2013

Title: Fracture
Author: Megan Miranda
Rating: 4.5/5 stars
Release Date: January 29, 2013
Publisher: Walker Childrens
Format: Paperback Edition
Goodreads Average Rating: 3.74
Age Group: 12+
Would I Recommend: Yes!

   When I saw this novel in the store, and read its summary, I wanted to read it instantly, it sounded super good, and everyone, it really was. 

   In the world of Fracture, we have Delaney Maxwell, who was supposed to die, no, seriously. When she almost drowned in a lake when she fell through the ice on a winter day. Yep. Her best friend, Decker, saved her, giving her CPR but then ended up breaking her ribs. Everyone says that she has an unfixable brain injury, and that's causing problems for everyone. The people are accusing Delaney of killing an old woman down the street, and that's just the beginning. When she meets Troy Varga, her whole world changes, and she might figure out the truth...

   Something was missing, but other than that, I loved, loved, LOVED, this book! The events were incredible, you could tell the author put her heart and mind into writing this novel. If you read the Author's Note, you will find that the influence toward this is awesome.

  Delaney wasn't the best heroine, but she was likeable. I wished that she was more happier in person, everything would've been brighter and better, in general.

   I found that there was a love triangle, somewhere in the novel, even though I didn't like any of the guys. They just seemed dull, in my opinion.

   Overall, I'm telling you, I just can't wait for the sequel! Can it come out any sooner?

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