Stacking the Shelves #36: April 12

Sunday, 12 April 2015

This Week's Headlines:

Hey all! This is my first Stacking the Shelves for two weeks, since I haven't gotten anything new last week, but I do have to say that this week has been a crazy awesome book week! Publishers have really spoiled me, if I do say so myself. *giggles* How has your week been, my lovely friends!?

So... I really couldn't wait for this weekend to come, as I have so many new books to read and I just wanted to get started. Well, I have to get a Lord of the Flies essay outline done, and I'm actually beginning to read the dramatized version of The Diary of Anne Frank and need to answer questions, so I sort of have a lot to do. I am planning on reading all day today, and get to read as many books as I can without getting a major eye-blur situation and headaches from all of those words. *laughs* That's what always happens on Saturdays for me, hah.

To all of those who have attended YALLFEST yesterday, YOU GUYS ARE SUCH LUCKY DUCKS. All over Twitter yesterday I have seen the Epic Reads wheel, the Harper ARCs, THE AUTHORS, and just about anything else that has made people smile and me envious. Okay, you are so lucky and I am so happy for you all, haha.

I'm also caught up with all my posts, so let's go P-A-R-T-Y FOR ORGANIZATION!

My Book Haul:

Hold Me Closer by David Levithan: I won this beauty on Twitter last week from RazorBill Canada, who had a quick contest! This was the absolute best and I'm so glad that I finally have my own copy, as I read a borrowed library copy last week, and enjoyed it. Tiny Cooper definitely needs a place in my bookshelf!

Alice in Wonderland High by Rachel Shane: And this this unexpected gorgeous thing came in from Merit Press! I'm actually currently reading it right now, and it's pretty enjoyable (and a definite quick read) if you ask me!

And this was the best package that I've received in a looooong time! One's from Simon and Schuster Canada, and the other is from the amazing Jen Brooks, who has granted me a review copy of her newest read, In a World Just Right! I'M SO EXCITED FOR IT! The others are: Last Year's Mistake, The Creeping and Galgorithm. Yay!

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How was your week? What are your newest additions? 
Read any of mine?

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