~Books That Iron Themselves Into our Hearts~

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Books That Iron Themselves Into our Hearts

Okay, so this is a post that I've been meaning to write for a while... and I can't simply get the thought of it out of my head. I'm sitting in class in the middle of the day, and the thought of my all-time favourite books come into my head. What does this tell us? I'm a crazy, weirdo reader. And hey, I'm proud as anyone will ever be.

So what does this absurd, deep title: "Books That Iron Themselves Into our Hearts" really mean? No, we're not actually using an iron to stick books onto myself, hah.

Haha, we're going deeper than that. Think of your Goodreads shelf of books that make you smile and freak out and panic and fangirl because you know that you'll never read a book like that ever again and you'll remember it for ages. Those are books of iron, of gorgeousness. Well I guess that you get the picture, because you hadn't headed onto my blog to watch me fangirl. And these are the books that I'm talking about:

This is a snippet of some of my shelves on Goodreads—which category do you see the most books in? YEAH, THE FAVOURITES. *ROLLS EYES QUICKLY* I'm a crazy freak, and this discussion will feature books that I adored so much and those that I feel are all favourites for me. 

So, what does a favourite really mean for me?

Well for the first thing, I'll tell you that I get an abnormal feeling when reading the book. My mind goes wicked and I find myself going mental. But you know the feeling too, since you all have favourites as well. I find as my maturity gets stronger and larger, I realize what a favourite really is to me. It just can't be a book that's great for me. As I log onto Goodreads and look at some members' profiles, I see that they have read like 1000 books and only have 20 favourites. I'm sitting here with almost 300. What does this tell us about me? I was a crazy kid, but there's also so many books out there for me and that were actually made for me.

What is my all-time favourite book?

I just can't answer this. If you're truly a bookworm, I believe that you CANNOT ever answer this question. Two of my favourite ones that I've read lately are: A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray and All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven. I just can't tell you what books are the best, because I normally don't reread them since I already have tons more to go through. But hey, everyone's different, but I do have my favourite author: John Green. *pets his books*

Book says to me in an annoying voice.

And last but not least, a favourite is something completely different than a regular read. It stays with me and I'm unable to put it down, and of course there's always imperfections, but the imperfections always stay as perfections. AND THEN I'LL BABBLE ABOUT THEM ON TWITTER AND TAG THE AUTHORS AND THANK THEM FOR THEIR MASTERPIECES. That's how my process usually goes.

What are your thoughts on favourites? What is your all-time favourite, if you have one?!

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