What Would We Do Without YA?

Thursday, 16 April 2015

What Would We Do Without YA?

Hey, so this is one of my old discussions that I once wrote, and it makes me laugh every time! :)

*YA to us readers* 

Not that I mind YA bossing us bookworms around… *snickers*

Close your eyes. Okay, you can’t literally close your eyes since you’ve got to read this, but you get the “soothing Zen” idea I’m thinking of here. Imagine that you’re in a world where YA doesn’t exist. All that’s left are those cheesy adult eroticas with those men with too much abs, long hair blowing in the wind. They can be pirates, too.

But then, jump back to reality—NOW. How did you feel? Did you go through all of that grief and craziness? Okay, I don’t expect you to. Haha, that was barely even a description. But really, imagine yourself going to your favourite bookstore, into the YA section. Think about all of the beautiful books waiting to be picked up!

Now that we’ve gotten to the point of this discussion, this is where the real blabbing begins. Hey, I am a chatterbox when it comes to blogging, and books all together! *winks*

I, for a fact, wouldn’t be able to survive. YA is life, and one of the things that keeps me sane. As you know, it’s full of subjects, theories, feels, romance, and hot guys that keeps all of us intrigued, captivated and wanting more.

Gosh, I’d have nothing to do in my life. No YA equals no blogging, no social media friends, no stability and improvement in my writing skills, NOTHING TO DO. My world would look like a dystopian setting, where there is no time for anything because you’re too busy worrying about other things.

Hmmph. xD

So what other hobbies would I possibly take in? Who seriously knows? I’d probably be watching movies and TV shows that are so similar to the settings of books that I read daily. Eat, sleep, watch movies, repeat. That’s not that horrible, but I’d feel like I’m stuck in a bubble, waiting to be released.

And that’s where YOU come in, my friend.

What would you do without YA? 


  1. Without YA I wouldn't be here, blogging. My life would just be eat, sleep, not burning calories, repeat. Yeah my life would be pretty boring without YA. Great post! I never considered this idea (because it is so horrid!) and you did a great job covering and explaining it. ;)


    1. I agree! I wouldn't be here at all, and I'd just be watching TV and moping around without any hobbies! This is seriously my life! Ahaha, thank you so much! I think about this all of the time when I know I shouldn't, and just enjoy it all instead! :D


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