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Monday, 18 November 2013

   Sorry for the bad quality, you know technology these days. -_-

   I'm still in school, elementary school to be exact, in grade 8. So our school is lucky to receive book orders from the publisher Scholastic, and we can buy books that are in the catalog.

   Every month I cannot wait for next month's catalog, so I usually check online, to pick and choose my favourites.

    So this was this month's order, yes I'm obsessed. I received them today, and I'm fangirling. 

    We were supposed to read The Giver this year, from what I heard from last year's grade eights, but now we're reading The Hunger Games. I'm a little upset, because I normally don't re-read books over again, and I watched the movie too. So, The Giver is all for me to read, wa ha ha ha haaaaa.

    I'm currently reading Until the End, by Christopher Pike. It's a huge book, so this is going to take a lot of time. :)


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