Top Ten Tuesday #28: Top Ten Things I Dislike in Romance Books

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

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Top Things I Dislike in Romance Books

Romance books can honestly either be the best thing ever—or the worst. I think contemporary-romance is the genre of books that I've read the book from, and I sure have a ton of favourites. Here are the ten things that I dislike the most in romance books:

1. Instalove

Instalove is gross. There are only a few situations where I've actually enjoyed the fact of it—but probably only in books of my favourite authors, like Kiera Cass. But the actual concept of it is so annoying. How can you love someone when you first meet them? I'm not a true firm believer of love at first sight, people.

2. Love Triangles

Okay, Elena with Stefan and Damon is acceptable, and so are Celaena and Chaol and Dorian. Oh, and America, Maxon and Aspen? Yeah. The rest of them–nope. Like honestly, why can an author not do a reversed love triangle with two girls and one guy? I've never read anything like that.

3. Summer-Love Romances

These can be cute, but there's too many of them. Like only the master of teen literature, Sarah Dessen, can handle them. Other than that, I've read far too many and they all suck. (Points at the cheesiness, cliche stuff)

4. Break-Ups and Come Back Together

Gross—more sappy stuff. I'VE GOT ENOUGH OF THESE. It's so annoying when a protagonist is totally in love and then they break up because they got in a huge fight and then the boy comes running back, begging for forgiveness. This is so cliché.

5. Bad Boy Meets Innocent Girl

EWWW. Cheesiness to the max. I hate bad boys. If you can choose one of the worst personalities in a guy, them being a rebel is the first. *gags*

6. Boy-is-a-Paranormal-Creature

And then of course, in the end, the girl will decide that she'd like to spend her life forever with her first love and he turns her into that mythical creature. Eeek.

7. Enemies to Lovers

These actually can work most of the time, but there are the few where the protagonists are both so easy to hate and they're even worse together. Meh.

8. Girl Falling in Love With Best Friend

Cheesiness to the max. Like, it's totally adorable in reality, but it happens too often in YA. 

9. Blushing and Nervous Chick Who's Unable to Talk to Guy Because of Nervousness

Um... This is gross. Like really, why do you have to be unable to speak around a guy? And then what, you're blaming it on him? Yuck.

10. Ferris Wheel and Weird First Dates

Imagine if they meet at a carnival? That's cheesiness to the biggest state. And then he spots the chick from the rest of the crowd... *gets gooey-eyed*

What are your worst dislikes in romance books?


  1. I had a tough time with this topic because everything I thought of that I disliked actually worked for some things. I kind of cheated and modified the topic. Oh, well. Here's my TTT . Great list :)

    Michelle @ Michelle's Minions

    1. LOL, totally! *goes onto Goodreads and reminds self by looking at books* I had to give myself a HUGE reminder, haha. Thanks! :)

  2. Instalove and constant break-up-make-up drama put me off. I kind of like the bad boy and innocent girl thing, but that's mainly because I like stories about unhealthy relationships (assuming they don't treat it like some amazing love, because it's not).

    1. Ugh. *throws them off the window* LOL, well I do agree that unhealthy love does work sometimes, depending on what author accomplished this all. Katie McGarry is pretty good, though!

  3. Hahaha! Awesome post! The two things I hat most in romance are instalove and love triangles... thee are probably other things I hate but I can't think of them at the moment, lol.

    1. Hehe, thanks! <3 Well, they're the most mainstream as well so I guess we get sick and tired of them the easiest, LOL. Ah, I had to give myself a huge reminder though! :)

  4. These things get on my nerves, too! Especially insta-love, it can't be a romance without the development of a relationship! I don't like love triangles either- and I'm afraid love squares might even be on the rise. Break-ups and back togethers annoy me too. I feel like it's just a lot of unnecessary drama that could easily be avoided if both lovers talked to each other calmly. I see where you're coming from with awkward cheesiness. Great post:)

    Claire @ Cover to Cover

    1. Yuck! YESS, I've seen a ton of love squares as well, though I do kind of find them unique as... It's four people fighting to be with one, or two or whomever. XD Eh, and authors can be so overly dramatic, too! Why honestly make your male character be so intimidating and your female so... anxious and nervous? Like really, there's no reason to and it's so clichéd. Haha, thanks!

  5. 1,2,4-7 and 9 yes.

    I really like something about number three. There's something magical about it. I hate number four too. I hate it. It's so annoying. Especially if it's because of some predictable misunderstanding/forced kiss scene ugh.

    I want to see the reversal of number five. And that line, omg….BECAUSE EVERYONE LOVES YOU RORY. Gag. I actually like number eight, I haven't seen it enough though. In books anyway.

    I have to say, I love 10. It….ok, it reminds me of A Walk To Remember and their first date and that's most likely because both adaptions are based off movies by the same author…

    I hate long drawn out romance. Like couples who don't get together for this reason or that reason, it's so annoying. Especially when it's over a misunderstanding. Gosh. I dislike cheating strongly too. You picked some interesting ones. :)

    My TTT

    --Amber (YAIndulgences)

    1. LOL, or the 'mistakenly kiss!' Ugh, my head is exploding with all of these negative ideas! LOL I NEED TO WATCH GILMORE GIRLS. That's where it's from, right? *checks* Eh, I have to gag a little with the date thing. I mean, movies can definitely pull it off... but books? Not so much, at least for me. xp Thanks! ^_^


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