Anime Review: 5 cm Per Second

Monday, 17 March 2014

   5 CM Per Second was absolutely outstanding. 9/10 I really love slice-of-life, romance anime where there are many plot twists. 5 cm Per Second is definitely a gorgeous anime that will make you cry. 

  This is a very quick anime. It takes about an hour to finish the three episodes. Even though it's quick, so much happens in that small matter of time. The story basically is about a boy and a girl who have been best friends and have loved each other since middle school, where they first met in the school library. Kids have made fun of them because they were always together. They eventually became separated because the girl moved. Their lives went on, but they always wrote to each other.  So basically this about how the guy's life goes on without her, but he misses her so much. The poor guy had to go through so many train trips, I realized that I hate trains now, lol. 

   This was so fast-paced and captivating. There were so many moments when tears formed in my eyes, for sad reasons and happy ones. The romance was stunning, and I loved how there was a tiny love triangle in between.

    The ending was so unexpected and heartbreaking. I began bawling. Everything happened so fast and you really have to think about it to understand the true meaning and what happened. I really feel like karma is a big concept in this anime. You'll definitely understand why if you watch this, which I 100% recommend to any otaku.  This was life-changing and gorgeous. Did I mention the spectacular soundtrack and artwork? :D

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