Breathing by Cheryl Renee Herbsman

Friday, 14 March 2014
Breathing, by Cheryl Renee Herbsman
Genre: Young Adult Fiction, Chick-lit
Rating: 5/5 stars

Savannah would be happy spending the summer working at the library and reading. But then she meets Jackson, who Savannah's convinced is the one. At first it looks like she's right. He abides by her mama's strict rules and stays by her side when she is hospitalized for severe asthma, which Savannah believes is improving only because Jackson is there. But when Jackson is called away to help his family, Savannah has to learn to breathe on her own, both literally and figuratively.


  • Chick-lits mean so much to me. I love the essence of summer romances. Southern summer romances are probably the greatest type of chick-lit out there. I was so so so pleased with this one, it's probably one of my most favourite books that I've so far read this year.
  • The plot got right to the point from the first chapter. The romance began so ferociously and quickly, I was obsessed from the first page. 
  • Jackson, Oh Jackson, where art thou? Gosh. I loved HIM. He's so dreamy and perfect, any girl would love to have a man like him and Savannah sure was lucky to have him. He was always right around the corner, for everything. Okay, okay, enough of my raving, let's get straight to the point.
  • This book was spectacular. I loved it too much. Savannah was a pretty good character, although she was kind of weird sometimes. These asthma attacks happened in the weirdest times. For example, Jackson left a few days ago to help his mom out, and Savannah would have an asthma attack and would end up in the hospital. Of course Jackson would come running. Hey, but I'm not so upset with that, it doesn't really affect my rating on this amazing book.
  • I'm just so shocked on how perfect this book was. I had the feels the whole time. It made me laugh, and have a few tears here and there.

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