Anime Review: Another

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

  "Death is not friendly. It's dark, black where you look at it. You're all alone. But it's not different than when you're alive, right? No matter how many relationships we have, we're all alone."

   Ohmygosh. Can I just say that Misaki Mei is probably one of the best anime heroines out there? She is so kick-ass and her story is deep. I just loved every moment with her. 

   Another was a fascinating, amazing anime. 9.5/10 The story was so unique and mysterious. There were so many plot twists, I didn't know what to expect!

   So the story starts off with the main protagonist, the guy (forgot his name lol) and he's new to Yomiyama School. He previously was in the hospital because of a lung condition, but in the elevator when he was leaving, he met Misaki Mei, a mysterious black-haired girl with a strange eyepatch. The next day, he comes to that school for the first time, and he realizes that Misaki is in his class, Class 3. Everyone tells him that that class in under a curse, and there is one dead person in the class. Nobody could see this person, but there usually is an extra desk. This year's Class 3 realizes that the curse has began, and things are about to get horrifying.

   There was probably a cliff-hanger at the end of every episode. I didn't want to stop watching! Plot twists were the major part of the whole 12-episode anime. The ending was so surprising, even though I kind of saw it coming. Most people never expected that to happen at all. This anime really made you think what would happen, but then you end up wrong all along and you feel like you got hit by a bunch of bricks, no kidding. It was so suspenseful, and I adored this and is one of my favourite anime of all time. <3

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