Winter's Bone, by Daniel Woodrell

Monday, 30 December 2013

Winter's Bone, by Daniel Woodrell

Genre: Young Adult Fiction

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Rating: 4/5 stars

First Line: "Ree Dolly stood at break of day on her cold front steps and smelled coming flurries and saw meat."

Goodreads Summary: "Ree Dolly's father has skipped bail on charges that he ran a crystal meth lab, and the Dollys will lose their house if he doesn't show up for his next court date. With two young brothers depending on her, 16-year-old Ree knows she has to bring her father back, dead or alive. Living in the harsh poverty of the Ozarks, Ree learns quickly that asking questions of the rough Dolly clan can be a fatal mistake. But, as an unsettling revelation lurks, Ree discovers unforeseen depths in herself and in a family network that protects its own at any cost."


  • I was looking through the movies that Jennifer Lawrence has acted in, and when I saw this one, I looked at the movie reviews and I found out that it first was a book, so I knew I wanted it. If JLaw played in it, it must have been good, right?
  • To me, it really was one of those country novels, and the way that the Dolly family had to live was shocking and kind of cruel.
  • Ree was an okay character, even though she did so much for her brothers, she acted so bitchy and I didn't like her.
  • The book was very short, and I liked it that way. In 193 pages, it did get boring sometimes, but the author did write the story well.
  • Overall, I thought it was okay. I recommend it if you want an absurd read, but it definitely wasn't one of my favourites.

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