F is for The Fault In Our Stars, by John Green

Saturday, 6 April 2013
     Good morning everyone! Today's the moment you've all been waiting for, F Day is one of my favourites, because I get to blog to you about, The Fault In Our Stars, by John Green, one of my favourite books of all-time!

     The Fault In Our Stars was first published on January 1, 2012 by Dutton Books. It has been a #1 NY Times bestseller, and has won many awards for its perfection and truthfulness. 

        The Fault In Our Stars starts off with 13-year old Hazel, who is diagnosed with Stage IV thyroid cancer, who'd never think that she'd survive, but three years later, is living with a miracle, for now. Hazel now lives with an oxygen tank that helps her breathe, and is homeschooled. When her mom forces her to go to a cancer support group, Hazel thinks that she'd have the worst time, speaking about the thing that bothers her the most. Then, she meets Augustus Waters. Gorgeous, and shockingly attached to Hazel, Augustus is taken to an unexpected journey with Hazel, that will put their love to a test, and find the truth between life and death. 

        Wow. This book was amazing. I understand why the public has gone WILD for this book! It's unique, and it's not like any other cancer book I've read. Readers will go crazy for Hazel's word from start to finish. It's electric, just as Jodi Picoult said, funny, and a very powerful story for any teen or adult, lerking for a book that will make them stuck to from start to finish, and never wanting it to end...

*This is one of the best books I've ever read, you gotta trust me on this one.*

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  1. This does sound interesting. Thanks for sharing.


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