O is for The Outsiders

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

   Here it is, the moment you've all been waiting for, the letter 'O.' O is for the phenomenal classic book by S.E. Hinton, The Outsiders.

   *WARNING* This review might be 19965 characters long! 

   I had to read this for my seven grade English class. My school's providing a copy for everyone to borrow, but my teacher explained that we'd be reading this book at the beginning of the year, so I received my own copy for Christmas. I'd never expect it to be this amazing. Seriously. Gangs? Violence? So not my thing. But... surprisingly, the school curriculum made an awesome choice of books. Actually, as I can see, my whole class  loved the book. All the girls and guys. And, I felt as I skimmed through it. But I didn't actually. The font is very small, I paid attention to the details extra closely, because we're writing an essay about the book, and I chose to compare it to Looking For Alaska, by John Green. 
   Now, the actual plot. I don't where the heck S.E. Hinton got this amazing idea of the story from, but it sure was fascinating to read about. The story takes place in the 1960's, where gangs separate the people of the southern U.S. from joining together. The main character Ponyboy Curtis, has been jumped over by the Socs, (socials) rival gang of the Greasers, the gang Ponyboy is in. His brothers Darry and Sodapop come to save him and that introduces all of the gang, Johnny Cade, (my favourite) Sodapop Curtis, Darrel Curtis, Steve Randell, Two-Bit Matthews, and Dallas Winston. We later find out that Darry, Soda, and Pony live alone after their parents got killed in a car accident. 

     Darry is known as the big guy, the popular guy in high school, highly academic, the football star. After his parents died, he decides not to take his college scholarship because he needs to take care of his younger brothers. Darry might seem way overprotective in the book, hitting Pony which causes him to run away, (not giving too many spoilers) but he only did it because he loves Ponyboy. 

    Sodapop is Pony's older brother, by a few years. Soda is funny, good-looking and is currently dating Sandy in the book. He can be sarcastic at times, but that's what he's known for. Soda is known as a drop-off, who quit school, and was working at a gas station. 

    Steve Randell wasn't a main character, just a background one, who we don't find too much about. Steve is known as Sodapop's best friend, and was played by Tom Cruise in the movie.

    Two-Bit Matthews is the Curtis' fellow gang member, who has an obsession with Mickey Mouse and likes to stand up for his gang members. Two-Bit is known for his hilarious laugh, found in the movie, and his wild personality.

     Dallas Winston is one tough guy. Dallas is the bad-boy of the group, joining rodeos, getting drunk at parties, and who wears a leather jacket to show his muscles off. Dallas is one of my favourite characters, who has a soft side, that will make you tear up. Although he has a bad reputation, many fans enjoy him, and espcially believe that the book wouldn't be nothing without him.

    Johnny Cade is my all-time favourite character of the whole story, with his heroic, shy, special personality, that will have many people obsessing over him from years to come. Johnny is a sixteen-year old gang member that was previously beat up by the rival gang, the Socs, where the Greasers found him. Johnny may be shy, but he has a rebellic reputation that made me feel all happy inside.

    Ponyboy Curtis is the main character in the book, and whose point of view this is from. Pony is a dreamer, as I describe him, who is smart, loves to read and watch sunsets, and who stands up for his buddies. Ponyboy holds a special place in each of our hearts, and will be remembered for his story, forever.

   The Outsiders is about two rival gangs, the Greasers and the Socs. As a Greaser, Ponyboy learns that when things get a little too far, you shouldn't take them farther, as he did one night, that changed his and the Greasers' lives forever...

   I'm not going to give you spoilers.

  Yes, because it would ruin the whole book for you! And.. I know that you will want to read this, if you haven't! It's short, fast-paced, and will make you cry for hours, because I know I did!

   The Outsiders was phonomenally written, it's one of the best books written of all time. And.. surprisingly, it was written by a sixteen year old girl! 

So, if you decide that this book might be worth it, it is 100%! I dedicated today's post to this for a reason, and that reason is because everyone, young and old, have to understand the importance of friendship, and how youth might be one of the best times of your life, even if there are some twists and turns in between. Everything happens for a reason, doesn't it?


  1. (Get ready for word vomit) I forgot how amazing this book is. I've never met anyone else outside of a certain school district that had to read this in middle school too. I LOVE the movie, although I don't think it did the book any favors. My brother and I told my sister Ponyboy's parentsnamed him that because they wanted him to run like the wind. She read it several times trying to find that reference.

    1. Hi! I adored the movie as well, but you know what they say, the book's always better than the movie, and it's true! There's much more detail in the book, and the movie has some missing scenes. It's cool to see actors like Tom Cruise as they were younger! Haha! Who knows? Maybe S.E. Hinton chose Ponyboy's name as Ponyboy for a specific reason... Hey, books have mysteries most of the time, that us readers have to figure out!

  2. The cast for the movie is absolutely amazing, and I have yet to see it :)

  3. I had to read this book in 8th grade... which was... a very long time ago LOL. It was the book that changed *everything* for me. For the first time in my life (I was 13 at the time), a book felt real. The characters felt like real people, leaping off the pages for me. This book was the reason I stopped making up stories in my head and started putting them down on paper.

    To this day, I credit Dallas Winston for making me a writer. No character has ever felt so real to me. I decided the world needed more hardcore real characters like Dally, and if no one else would write them, I would.

    I could leave you a comment that's 19k+ characters long just about how much I love this book! <3

    Happy A to Z! (this has been my favorite post to read yet!)

    1. To me, Dally and Johnny were my favourite characters. I've read many books, and no characters have ever felt so real to me as well! They both have something special that's different than other male characters!
      That's so inspirational that he inspired you to become a writer. If I had to choose one character to make me become one as well, I would've written a hundred books probably!

      Thank you so much!



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