Y is for You Have Seven Messages

Monday, 29 April 2013

   I've just read this one a few days ago, so I decided it's so captivating, that today's post has to be dedicated to this one.

  Title: You Have Seven Messages
  Author: Stewart Lewis
  Rating: 4/5 stars
  Release Date: September 13, 2011
  Publisher: Delacorte Books for Young Readers

   For this one, I definitely judged it by the cover. Look how attractive it is! Who cannot get captivated by "that?" 

  Luna still feels that her mother is with her, after one year since she was killed after car accident. When she goes to clean her studio, she finds her mother's old cell phone, with seven voicemails included. Luna decides to listen to them, finding secrets about her that she never knew herself.

   You Have Seven Messages was brilliant! The author really knew how to captivate readers into a fun mystery/romance, that will have them busy for a short while, which it did to me. It was very fast-paced, and I thought I knew what was going to happen, and then I didn't.

   Luna was a great heroine. She's unique, mature, and wants to find the truth, and that's what I loved about her. I wanted the best for her, and for her to have a happy ending, which you may guess, she did.

   Oliver, Julian, Richard, Daria, Tile and everyone else were marvelous background characters that made the story even better every time that they spoke. Adding Luna's sarcastic humor to her father, this novel made me laugh, smile, and think about what would happen next.

  I really enjoyed this one, and it was the perfect story for those who want a light, fun read, but will make you end up obsessing all over again.

  So how 'bout that, why don't you give it a try?


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