Paper Towns, by John Green

Friday, 5 April 2013

Paper Towns, by John Green, blew me away, literally. I was so shocked and surprised how astonishing this book was! It had everything you could want in a book; humor, love, fun, and was totally uttering. I'm not surprised too much though, all of John Green's books are great, and this one is just added to that pile!

Plot: The plot was thoroughly packed with stories to share, and reviews to be made, like this one, about the close connection between the characters, and how the storyline was different and astonishing. As the mystery unfolds, every reader is brought to their full attention span, to find out what happens next.

Characters: I loved them all. Margo, Lacey, Ben, Radar, and Quentin all made my laugh, cry and wonder if these "fictional" characters are actually based on real people, and if they are, I'd love to meet them! 

Love: Quentin's and Margo's love is complicated. He has always loved her from afar, just as Miles did in Looking For Alaska, but has never got the chance to say, I love you, face-to-face, which kind of states, that John Green's main characters, are usually insecure about themselves, and never get to express their true feelings, out loud. At least, they got a... Oops! Almost spoiled something out!

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