X is for Xander(s)

Saturday, 27 April 2013

  Ahh... weekends are the best time to just stay home and read, and that's what I'm definitely doing today! 

  I can't believe how fast this month has gone. I'm almost done the A-Z Challenge, which I look forward to everyday, and I finally read The Elite

  Today, I'm dedicating this post, to two fictional individuals, who I wish that were real, named Xander.

   First of all, what an awesome name, right? Xander is known as a short form for the name "Alexander," and means 'defender of mankind.' I definitely think that both Xander's are defenders for their peers, and loved ones, and both Ally Condie of Matched, and Marta Szemik of Two Halves, chose the name "Xander" for a male character, for a reason.

   I'm not going to explain what the two novels that both Xander's are placed in are about, because I already posted a post on them. Click here to visit my post about Two Halves, and here to visit my Matched post.

   Lets start off with the tough, charming Xander from Marta Szemik's book, Two Halves. Xander was one of my favourite characters in the whole series. Really. He was charming, and tough at the same time, which made my heart swoon. He made Xela, his love interest, and any reader fall for him, instantly. 
     Xander was a character that you look forward to be reading about. When Sarah, the main female character, introduced him to me, I wanted more. 
   Now, if you adore that type of guy character who is tough, but captivating at the same time, definitely read this one. I love the whole series, including Xander himself. He's to die for...

     Now, Xander from Matched. Xander is your caring, handsome character who's loyal, and willing to do anything for you. And that's why, I loved him more than Ky. I felt a connection to him, and wanted more, as I did with TH Xander. (Yes, I'm not going to keep saying Xander from Two Halves, Xander from Matched.)
   I totally understand why Cassia had a hard time choosing. It's so difficult, when you have the caring boy-next-door, and then you have the rebellious one. When Xander was trying to find a cure for a virus, it made me love him even more. Any guy who is willing to change the world in some way, come to me! 
    Ally Condie wrote a remarkable series, with its unstoppable men, and racing plot. If you haven't read this one already, go pick it up, as well with Two Halves.

   Oh... The Xanders of fictional worlds, you all are terrific, now please be reallllll... (My little song)



  1. Wow! Can't believe I'm mentioned on the same page as Ally Condie. Yes, Xander was my favorite too.
    I chose the name because of the character in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and fell in love with the name since then:)
    I can't believe you're almost done the challenge Michelle! Awesome!

    1. Oh! I thought that you named Xander after Alex! I loved doing the challenge, where I am now is because of you! :)


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