Looking For Alaska by John Green

Monday, 1 April 2013
     First of all, may I say that John Green is my favourite author? Every book he writes has a meaning to it. I love his books, they always make my day better with his truthful, influential words for readers to remember and share.
     Looking For Alaska was.. I'm speechless here. It was stunningly, fantastically, PERFECT! I can go on and on about how much I love it, but I won't. The plot, characters and meaning were astonishing. From Miles' point of view, everything seemed to have its ups and downs, but he was smart enough to fight them and look beyond the clouds. 
     Alaska. Alaska Young was a perfect female heroine. She's funny, clever, and different. You can see her bright side of things, and with her bad girl style, makes readers feel even more connected to her. I couldn't believe it when what happened to her happened, and her story is a mystery for readers to overcome.
     Miles/Pudge. Miles was different, in a great way. I loved him, with his awkwardness, that shone to impress readers with his love for Alaska, and for his passion for finding the labyrinth of life. He got his girl, in a way, and didn't need help to find what he wants in reality.
Overall, Looking For Alaska changed my life, just as The Fault In Our Stars did. I learnt that you need to find out what life has in store for you, and we have to enjoy things while they last.
     Thank you, John Green, for writing this book. You are my inspiration. 


  1. Was he the one who wrote the Will Grayson, Will Grayson book? I've been meaning to check him out. I'm just stopping by to meet my neighbors in the A-Z challenge. I stay at 1691 AtoZ Drive.

    Uh, oh! Another AtoZ rule breaker. Please dump the word verification.


    1. Yes, he did write Will Grayson, Will Grayson, Paper Towns, The Fault in Our Stars and An Abundance of Katherines!

      Oops! I dumped it now. No more word verification!

  2. Thanks for the tip on this new-to-me author. Cheers, Annis

  3. Sounds like a book I need to add to my TBR. Nice review Michellle.


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