Q is for Questions (Book statistics from my personal life)

Friday, 19 April 2013


   It's hard to find a book or an author's name that begins with the letter "Q," so for me, today's post will be about book statistics from my personal life.

   Lemme tell you this, not many people in my school like to read. They rather spend their Saturday afternoons at the mall or texting their friends. This is not me, your 12 year old girl. I much rather spend everyday reading, and reading, and reading. 

   But, there are a few bookworms at school, who I know, that enjoy reading, as a pastime. For me, reading is my life, and NOT a hobby. 

   Most people who I know enjoy reading dystopian, romance, or fantasy novels such as; Divergent, The Selection, City of Bones, Eve, Fallen, The Hunger Games, The Host and a few more. 

  Now, don't forget, there are those who are still reading the middle-grade novels, which were good, for when I was 9. The Harry Potter series is still a big thing for a few people, but I find myself never enjoying those type of books.

  As a bookworm myself, I love to see other people reading, so I could recommend some novels, or talk about the books. Sometimes, my friends think I think too much about books. They are my life, huh?

  So, these weren't statisitics, this was more of a joy I have to see other readers read.

  QOTD: Do you know a lot of other bookworms? Do they like to read as much as you?

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