U is for Unearthly

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

     Rise and shine, or should I say, bring those haloes up! Because today, is a tribute to another awesome author, Cynthia Hand, author of the #1 New York Times bestseller, Unearthly. 

      Title: Unearthly
      Author: Cynthia Hand
      Rating: 5/5 stars
      Release Date: January 4, 2011
      Publisher: HarperTeen
      Age Group: Anyone!

   Okay, so you may ask in your head, what is "Unearthly" about? Well in one word, angels. But, since I'm this obsessed and that nice, I'll give you a brief summary, since I love you all, and blogging is my passion.

      Clara Gardner's life isn't what she'd like it to be. Her single mother brings her and her brother all the way across the country to live, and not only that, she discovers that she's part angel, and she has a purpose to live by, a reason that she's put on this earth for. 

    As Clara's fitting into her new town, she starts to have vivid nightmares, of a deep fire blazing in a nearby forest. And, a guy she met, Christian, seems to be sneaky and into her.

    Love, revenge, thrill, and action, Unearthly brings its readers to their full attention, wanting more. 

   Ahh... Unearthly was just... a piece of perfection for all, and I mean that sincerely!

   The characters, romance, and thrill was just amazing, including the plot!


QOTD: If you found out that you were were a supernatural creature, or had superpowers, how would you react, and what would you wish to be?

*I'd be a Shadowhunter!*


  1. I'd be a shadowhunter too! Especially if Jace could be my teacher!


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