Blog Tour Post: Fractured, by Erin Hayes

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Fractured, by Erin Hayes

Genre: Adult, Horror

Rating: 3/5 stars

Publication: July 8, 2014

Format: eARC

Goodreads Summary: Blinded by a mysterious seizure when she was three years old, Bash Martin has managed to carve out a normal life for herself as an adult. Yet she still yearns for a deeper connection with her twin sister Lily, who has always been jealous of the attention their parents bestowed upon Bash due to her disability. 

A dream vacation seems like the perfect chance to heal their relationship, but Bash soon realizes there is something terribly wrong with Lily and that her sister is hiding a dark secret. And when a supernatural fire engulfs their hotel and corpses come back to life, the sisters are plunged into a nightmarish world that threatens not only their lives, but their very souls.




*Review copy provided by Xpresso Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.*

   I love horror books. The sight and reading of something so unreal but real at the same time just pleasures me and makes me excited every time. When seeing a tour opening for an adult horror read, I was in instantly.

    For the first 50%, this book was astonishing. I had it at a 4.5 star rating. Later on, as you can see, everything turned out to be a three-star rated read. And that's all because of the plot.

    This is about two twin sisters, Bash and Lily. When Bash was three years old, she got blinded and had a seizure due to an unexplainable reason. Now at twenty, she still has moments when she wishes for her sight back. Bash soon finds out that Lily is hiding a dark secret that is weird and absurd. They and their friends go for a mini-vacation skiing, and they soon find out that their hotel is haunted, and it all has to do with one particular person.

     I began this book loving the idea. The incident that occurred when the girls were three was just so awesome (but not for the characters's sake, obviously) and unique. A horror read usually doesn't feature that stuff. This book is scary, but not too much or anything at all for me that I can't handle. There's no gore or gutty stuff. Everything's just peculiar and crazy. That's the real "horror," and I loved it. That was the real masterpiece of the novel. Plus, this is a standalone!
      Like I mentioned, the plot was very delicious and devouring for the first half of the book. It was very fast-paced, and right to my liking. The author's splendid writing captivated me, and it stayed that way until past the 50% mark. After that, we were introduced to the truth and everything got a little dumb. The characters's thoughts went out of control, and weirder things were introduced to the characters's pasts. I got completely lost.

      The characters were pretty good. I loved Bash, and her craziness and independence. She suffered so much, and she still stayed positive. Lily was mainly on the opposite side and I grew to dislike her and her craziness. When she was a child, she started off as shy and strange, but grew to be someone different and stupid. Of course, I think that the author tried to make Lily become like that, since she was hiding a secret.

      Seth made my heart clench. His caring for Bash was so sweet and he actually grew to become a main character. The romance between them was there, and sweet and it was a slight sort of thing. The romance didn't overtake the whole point of the book, which I want to give a round of applause for. 

      Overall, this book was good for the halfway mark. There were more positives than negatives, but I'd say that it was okay for the most part. Nothing special, but a good read.

       About the Author:

   Sci-fi junkie, video game nerd, and wannabe manga artist, Erin Hayes writes a lot of things. Sometimes she writes books, like the fantasy mystery Death is but a Dream and the sci-fi middle grade book Jacob Smith is Incredibly Average.

You can reach her at and she’ll be happy to chat. Especially if you want to debate Star Wars.

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           Have you ever read an adult horror? What are some of your favourites?


  1. I love reading horror although there are only few books that really impressed me. I'm sad that this one, while good at first, kind of got weirder at the latter half. At least the writing is good and the characters are likeable, minus Lily. Thank you for your honest review, Michelle! :)

  2. I love horror books and this one has me intrigued. Too bad it lost its spark for you after a while, but it sounds like you enjoyed it overall. Great review! :)

  3. @Sarah: Yes! You really have to know what you're doing when writing horror. You need to have a perfect idea! This idea was great in the beginning, but it just went all over the place by the end. Thank you so much, Sarah!

  4. @Giselle: I really say that you should pick this one up. I think you'll enjoy it! Thanks! <3

  5. I LOVE horror! But I'm kinda hesitant to read one since it slows halfway through... I don't know, I might give it a shot ;)

  6. Same here, Liliana! Yeah, I would be, too. The good thing is that this was an adult horror, which I rarely read and like! :D


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