Stacking the Shelves #4: July 26

Saturday, 26 July 2014

          So this week I spent a little on books. :) I have been pretty good with not buying books from stores (but borrowing them from the library instead) so it was finally time to budge on my spending. Here are my new goodies!
           First haul from Wednesday:

           YES. So these goodies have been on my ASAP TO-BUY LIST for a long time. I'm so excited that I got SINNER! AND LUX! AHHH! I'm really excited to begin reading Jennifer L. Armentrout's books because they're so crazed about. I have a feeling that she's going to be my new favourite author. 

         Yesterday's haul:

             So 4/6 of these were really cheap, and that made everything even better. Plus, they're hardcovers! I'm really happy that I got the second book of the Anna Dressed in Blood series. The question is-- is it a duology? 

     I'm going to be bringing a lot of these onto my trip in August. In fact, all of the books from the first haul are already in my suitcase! So... What reads have you treated yourself to this week?


  1. Libraries are the best! Thank you so much! I KNOW! When I saw it, I literally grabbed it and ran. It's two books in one, and the special collector's edition! What can possibly be better than that?! I think that I'm going to love Daemon... *swoons silently*

    Yeah, I guess I'll see how the ending for Girl of Nightmares is going to end up... hopefully it'll be good. Aw, you don't like duologies? I adore them! (But I understand why because some authors just can't possibly master a series in two books.)

    The book hauls came from Chapters! I actually went to the store and picked them up since I luckily got the chance to. I never got anything from BO or TBD before but have heard such great things! Next time I'll order my goodies from there. :) I'm going on a road trip to Florida! (Which is even better than flying because I get to look at the gorgeous scenery while reading.)

    Ah, yes! I saw your amazing haul on your blog! I really enjoy looking and fangirling at your gorgeous blog! I just realized that you're one of Aimee @ Deadly Darlings's new co-bloggers! xD You're a lucky duck!

    Don't worry about it! :D It was a misunderstanding from my side too, haha.

    I am in serious love with your blog. <33 Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Woot great haul!! I've been wanting to read The Art of Lainey but haven't managed to pick it up yet. Let me know what you think of it!

  3. Oh I meant to say that I don't like having duologies in my library; it just feels weird to me. xd But reading them is not a problem! I hope you'll enjoy your trip to Florida. :)

  4. Oooo very nice.

    I like libraries more for random finds cause they have books I've never heard about. Right now am reading about a girl from Egypt who has a pet baboon. Just in the beginning still, so the trouble will start soon.

    Though for buying, I prefer paperback not just cause they tend to be cheaper but I just don't like hardbacks, especially with the dust jackets cause they always get in the way and just end up getting tossed away. I like the books to keep the cover image and not annoy me in the process. lol

  5. @Lola: Ohhh! LOL! Yeah, that third book (from a trilogy haha) is missing! Thanks, girl!

  6. @Dawn: Thanks! Yeah! Whenever I go to the library I always find some unique reads that I've never heard of. Or it's always awesome when you find a super-popular read there waiting for you!

    Paperbacks tend to be easier to hold and flips pages for, but I also like hardbacks because of their prettiness! I love both, I can never choose between the two! Yeah, I always find myself staring at the image for ages, haha!

  7. Anna Dressed in Blood IS a duology! I really loved the series, though I have to admit I liked book 1 more than book 2. And I really liked Lies Beneath, as well! It is such a unique take on mermaids, and I loved that about it! Great haul! Cheap books are always awesome!! :)

  8. Ahh, okay! Second-book syndrome must have been the case, haha. Lies Beneath is the one that I think I'm looking forward to the most from the goodies! LOL! Thanks for stopping by!


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