Don't Miss a Diss #1: Physical ARCs

Thursday, 3 July 2014

  Don't Miss A Diss is a weekly discussion post led by A Thousand Lives Lived which features discussions with the book blogger public about the troubles and wishes of bloggers.

          Since I began book blogging back in 2012, I have always had a dream: to get ARC books. The fact of getting free books that aren't even out in exchange for an honest review is just amazing.

         But my question is: how do I get them? (physical ARC books)

         Yes, I actually have received three before (one actually came in yesterday from Disney-Hyperion) but I'm literally so envious of those who receive like ten of them each week. I love reading and read constantly. It's basically what I spend most of my day doing, and I have so much time to read and review the books that I receive. I get some ebook ARCs sent to me, especially from Edelweiss and Netgalley, but I'm fine with the ebook thing, I'm just looking for physical copies.

          What I did do to receive: Midnight Thief from Disney-Hyperion, and Dissonance and Of Metal and Wishes from Simon & Schsuter Canada was just write an email to the publisher specifically and request for some YA ARCs. I featured information about my blog, history, reading, other accounts like Goodreads, almost everything that has to do with books that you can think of. Getting ARCs that way came from a lot of research and many blogs suggested doing that. 

           I sent emails to almost every publisher you could think of: HarperTeen, St. Martin's Press, Razor Bill, Harlequin etc etc, but I've only gotten a reply from two: Simon & Schuster Canada and Disney-Hyperion. And I sent that email a long time ago in February. I know that I sent it to the correct addresses and probably included good information. I know that I didn't do anything wrong with the emails. I just really want ARCs!

            By the way, here's a pic of my beautiful Midnight Thief, by Livia Blackburne.

             So you let me know. How do you amazing people get your ARC copies? I really need some help here. :( Lead the discussion away below...



  1. I can't help you here. I've only received a very few myself and they were from authors that I kind of had contact with on their websites and a couple I won. In the past 5 or 6 years authors contacted me and sent me ebook versions but not the ARC's. The ARCs are nice because they usually sign them. They seem more personable than an ebook and a nice keepsake.

    Lately I haven't received any... but I don't ask for them either. Maybe if I put forth the effort I might get one or two.

    These other bloggers that get tons like you mentioned above, I'm thinking that they've established themselves in that "blogging realm" by going to conventions and getting their names out there etc. You've only been blogging since 2012 and you've sent emails. I'd say give it some time and you'll get there. Just keep doing what you're doing and posting your reviews everywhere to get a good name going and after awhile the publishers and authors will recognize the name and start sending more to you. Best of luck!

    1. Oh, yes. I don't have luck with winning things, so that's out of the question, I guess. I have won 3 books from Wendy from The Midnight Garden, but those weren't ARCs.

      Yeah, probably. If I lived in the US (I live in Canada) I would go to conventions all the time. The big name publishers are located in the US and that kind of makes sense why they get more? We don't have any book conventions here. :(

      Thanks a lot! I'll try my best by establishing myself more out there! :D

    2. I'm from Canada too! I'd hit as many of the CDN publishers as possible. I'm sure this list pales in comparison to the US, but hey... every little bit helps. Good luck! I hope ARCs start coming your way soon.

    3. Ohh! Thanks for the suggestion. I'll try to look up more Canadian based publishers and see if any of the big-named ones have offices in Canada! Thanks so much!

  2. Hi Zoe!

    First of all, thanks a bunches for helping me out. I have tried both, and I will continue to try establishing my blog out there and everything else you've mentioned.

    I'll try my best! :D :*

  3. I am sorry to say I'm not gonna be of much help to you, since the only 3 physical ARCs that I've got were won on giveaways! I get eARCs from NetGalley and Edelweiss and those still feel like the biggest blessing everrr!!
    It'd be very hard for me to get more ARCs, either physical or digital since I'm based in Spain, and books in English aren't in a big demand here...

    1. Oh, it's okay! ^_^ That's so cool! I've never won ARCs in a giveaway! Wow, that's so cool that you live in Spain! Yeah, you would have to look for some international publishers that send books to people all around the world. :) Thanks for stopping by!


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