A Little Like Fate, by Cheyanne Young

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

A Little Like Fate (Robin and Tyler Series #1), by Cheyanne Young

Genre: New Adult, Romance, Contemporary

Rating: 4/5 stars

Publication: July 1, 2014, by 336Love

Format: ebook

Goodreads Summary: Robin Carter made a promise to her grandfather on his deathbed: to stop killing herself climbing up the corporate ladder and to follow her heart- wherever it may lead. Her plan is to quit her life and hit the road in the middle of the night. When her knocked up teenage niece begs to come along, the pair find themselves stranded in the middle-of-nowhere Texas. Too much alcohol and one redneck festival later, she’s starting to regret everything until she trips over a handsome cowboy named Tyler. Whether it’s the alcohol or his sexy southern voice that sways her, she doesn’t know. But she’s going to find out.


*Review copy provided by author, Cheyanne Young, in exchange for an honest review.*

 I don't usually ever pick up books that are found in the NA genre, but when I do, I usually find that I made a good choice. :) And this was another of those cases! Cheyanne Young has absolutely stunned me with another of her beautiful novels!

    I've never read a NA novella, and this was a great start. For a book with 25, 000 words, you don't really expect much to happen, but Cheyanne Young always makes sure that we're on the edge of our seats, wanting more at the end of each chapter. The stories that she creates are just beautifying.

    "Oompa, loompa, doompidy dailure. Robin Carter is a total failure."

     My first thought after finishing this book? Hilarious and sarcastic. This author is such a master at making her readers laugh. I must admit, I usually keep a very serious face and feeling when reading books (I sit there reading with a poker face 24/7) but there are a few occasional books that make me laugh so hard. And this was one of them! Cheyanne is awesome, just awesome, at mastering sarcasm, and you could really see it through her witty characters. 

     Robin made a promise to her dying grandfather--to follow her dreams and do whatever she wants. She quits her life and heads onto the road with her pregnant niece, to wherever it'll take them. They end up in the middle of nowhere in Texas, far from their home in Houston, and Robin begins to regret everything until she meets hot cowboy Tyler, who definitely has his eyes on her.

     Robin was a very kick-ass protagonist. She was a rebel and didn't give a shiz on what people thought of her, even her stubborn hilarious niece, Miranda. She stayed put on their situation and always kept smart and had a good head on her shoulders. For a twenty-five year old, she could still act like a total teenager, and still be a mature boss at the same time. I loved her!

     Miranda was another total awesome chick. Although she was very dumb to let all of those bad things happen to her, she had that special something about her that not a lot of characters have or show.

     I love TYLER. Him and Robin are going to make a spectacular series, I can tell. Not much to say about him, especially because we've only just have gotten to know him, but I really like him and Robin together. 


     The only flaw that this book came to have was the plot in the beginning and the fact that something tiny was missing. I understand that this was the beginning of the novella series, but I wish that a teensy bit more would've happened, specifically in the romance aspect of the book. The beginning of this novella was very slow, and a little hard to get into. But I kept going hence the dark thoughts surrounding me and I made it and I ended up loving the book. It ended up awesome! From there, the plot picked up! 

      In conclusion, this novella was great! I'm absolutely pleased with the outcome and I'm eagerly waiting for the sequel! I recommend this to everyone looking for a light contemporary romance!

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