Don't Miss a Diss #6: BEA and BookCon

Thursday, 31 July 2014

 Don't Miss A Diss is a weekly discussion post led by A Thousand Lives Lived which features discussions with the book blogger public about the troubles and wishes of bloggers.


     So this week I'm going to be asking you guys some questions about an experience held in NYC where bloggers and bookworms meet together to celebrate their love of reading and books. This is also known as none other than Book Expo America and BookCon.

      I was the most jealous person you ever met when I saw the photos and the raving tweets and blog posts from bloggers that have went to these two events, so I'm beginning to plan a trip to NYC (which I've never been to) for these two amazing events!

       I know how these stuff work. I have already researched so much about these two events and read people's opinions, but I'd like to hear more so I'll be prepared for the awesomeness.

        -What's the difference between BEA and BookCon? Are any of them specifically for bloggers or reviewers? Which is best? (If you have experience, that'd be great!)
       -What authors have you guys met there? Are the lines long?

       -How many ARCs did you score? Are they difficult to get, or are the laying around everywhere?

        -What other awesome perks did these events hold?

        -Is it a good way to promote you and your blog?

        -I heard that you have to register for BEA. Why is that? Do you have to be a blogger, only? BEA allows you to buy tickets when they come available?

          Sorry for all of the curiosity, haha. I know it's still a long time away, but I'm seriously ready to learn more about these two awesome events and I just can't wait for #BEA15. (I always dreamed of coming home with suitcases full of swag, ARCs, and freebies, and photos with my favourite authors. *squeals*)

           Tell me about your BEA or BookCon experiences below, or what you know of them!        


  1. Ugh for us both living in Canada ;) I'm SO jealous. Imagine all the TV celebreties people have met! I want to meet Ian and ALL of the cast from Once Upon a Time so bad!

  2. Ugh! :'( I would die if I met John Green or Veronica Roth. I need to go next year. I'll sneak you in my suitcase! :D

  3. I'm planning to attend BEA 2015, so I'm gonna be doing plenty of research and might have more answers for you in a few weeks/months!

  4. Yay! We'll have to finally meet each other! Thanks, Pili-dear! I'm literally thinking about it all the time! xD


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