Top Ten Tuesday #3: 10 (maybe 11) Fictional Guys That I Love the Most

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

  *This is in no particular order, people.*

  1. Augustus Waters, The Fault in Our Stars

    Augustus was probably one of the first fictional men who really inspired me. He was one of the first guys who really showed that love is more than just the kissing and everything else. I fell in love with him from the start, and he's my idol. xD

  2. Prince Maxon, The Selection

      When beginning this trilogy, I was mainly on Team Aspen. But something about Maxon always gave me the chills and the feels, and before I knew it, I loved him more than anyone. I was so happy to see the way he was incorporated with the final book. :)

   3. Will Herondale, The Infernal Devices

      Will is probably Cassandra Clare's best male character that she's created. I was Team Will from the beginning (although I have a soft spot for Jem as well) and he really meant something to me. Him and Tessa had such a beautiful connection that made me fangirl every time. (Before fangirling really existed, haha.)

      4. Jace Herondale, The Mortal Instruments

         They really ruined the character (and looks) of Jace in the TMI movie, but I love him in the books anyway. He was my love from the beginning. I fell in love with his badass tough qualities and for his sympathy and love for Clary. Everyone loves him!

         5. Tarver, These Broken Stars

           MY MAN! No other words needed because I will spend a decade blabbing about Tarver. Hehe.

          6. Christian, Unearthly

             You all might kill me. Everyone was and has been on Team Tucker the whole way through. I LOVED CHRISTIAN FROM THE START AND NEVER WILL STOP. :( I'm very sad that the 'Unearthly' trilogy ended like that. Meh.

          7. Dorian/Chaol, Throne of Glass

                I've recently come to learn about this series and learn about my love for Dorian and Chaol, two beautiful men who are perfect in my and Celaena's eyes. You will have a tough decision to choose between them. *tisk tisk*

         8. Wolf, The Ring and the Crown

                Yeah... this guy stole my heart. Melissa de la Cruz really made me angry because of the ending and how it had to do with him... And not Ronan. RONAN AND WOLFGANG= SHIP FOREVER AND ALWAYS.

           9. Four, Divergent

               No words needed at all. WE ALL LOVE FOUR, RIGHT?

              10. Will Fletcher, A Mad Wicked Folly


   What are some of your favourite yummy fictional men? See any favourites here?


  1. Love Augustus and Four!! Great picks.

    Our TTT!

  2. I almost added Maxon to my list but I didn't think he'd do very well with the survival thing. Love your list!

    My My TTT

    Michelle @ Michelle's Minions

    My <a href=

  3. I love your Top 10... I recently read the Infernal Devices and even now, Will and Jem stir feelings in me... That ending had me crying my eyes out!

    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace

  4. Oh yes! Will and Chaol for suuuuuree!!!

  5. Going to have to read all these books now!

  6. I love your choices!! I think I'm going to have to fight you for Will and Jace ;) I just finished Unearthly and I'm not sure who to pick, love triangles kill me :(

  7. @Michelle: Yeah... Maxon's a hot little drama queen. xD Thank you! :)

  8. @Naomi: Thank you! AHH THAT ENDING! It's been more than a year since I read it and I still can't get over it. Now that was an amazing finale.

  9. @Eileen: Thanks girl! Ahaha, don't worry, we can share them. I have far too many fictional men to spend time with. ;) I love love triangles but they do kill me, too. xD


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