Stacking the Shelves #2: July 12

Saturday, 12 July 2014

    Hey everyone! How's been your week? It's been a great week for me. I've been reading a lot, and most of the reads have been great. I've been sending ARC requests to publishers, and hopefully I'll get some good news soon! 


     Here's my book haul that I couldn't wait to tell you guys about! *squeals*


     Yeah, as you guys can tell, this went crazy. LOL. Today I went to my local library to return some of the books that I previously have borrowed and then I went totally out of my mind and borrowed all of these 13 books plus the SINNER AUDIOBOOK. *squeals* This is going to be my first audiobook, and I need to go out this weekend and purchase it so I can read along with it. 

      I literally went through the whole YA section and grabbed every book that made my eyes twinkle. :) These are actually all published in 2014, except Out of This Place. WHOA!

       And earlier in the week, Simon and Schuster contacted me and gave me a list of Fall 2014 ARCs for me to choose from. And when I saw that THE BANE CHRONICLES and AFTERWORLDS was on it, I passed out of happiness. I requested for them, and ta da!

             I literally want to cry. I cannot believe it that I have THE BANE CHRONICLES and AFTERWORLDS in my own personal library before they even came out. AND THEY'RE ARCS! *yells*

              So yeah, I went a little too crazy. Oh well! 

              What are some of your newest reads? 

                -Michelle Bane (hehe)


  1. I used to go crazy at the library too :D I'm pretty sure they didn't like me, ha. You've got some awesome books there, I hope you like them! And congrats on the ARCs! :)

  2. Holy wow! That is an amazing library haul! And I had no idea the Bane Chronicles was being published in a complete set... I guess I just assumed it was going to stay in e-book form. But that is exciting! :D

    Happy reading!

    1. Aha, I know! xD When I found out that The Bane Chronicles was going to be released in print, I literally died. I love having Cassandra Clare's books in my collection! (To me, they're probably worth the most.)

      Thank you!

  3. Nice haul!! A lot of amazing books that I want to read too! And The Bane Chronicles!! Congrats!!

  4. What a fantastic haul from the library!! I loved Pawn and Strange Sweet Song!
    And congrats on the two shiny ARCs!
    Happy reading!!

    1. Thank you so much! YES, those are the two that I couldn't resist grabbing. But really, my grabby hands just went out of control. :)


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