Anime Review: Noragami

Saturday, 5 April 2014

 I never would think that I'd enjoy Noragami as much as I would. I mean, demons are the same things in books in movies, at least the mainstream ones are. This anime had a different flavour, and it was just so amazing, I never wanted to say goodbye to it, but I had to.

 Ahaha, turns out that there's going to BE A SEASON TWO. This makes me so much happier. Those who are against it because they believe that it was a good ending are wrong. It was such an odd cliffhanger that made us HAVE to know more about.

  So, mainly, this about Yato who is a god and fights "demons" and all sorts of weird creatures. One day, when his cat got lost, he goes out onto the street and meets Hiyori, a teenage girl. Hiyori is one of the only ones who can see Yato, and she turns into a Phantom...

  I loved this from the start. There were many cliffhangers at the end of each episode, and I couldn't wait until the next one came out.

  I totally shipped Hiyori and Yato together, who wouldn't? They had such an adorable bond, and I just loved them both! Yato was my baby, seriously. I LOVED HIM SO MUCH.

  So really, this was a quick 12 episode anime to get by. Since the first season is officially over, if you plan on watching it, you will get by it very fast. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. <3

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