The Color of Rain, by Cori McCarthy

Friday, 18 April 2014

The Color of Rain, by Cori McCarthy

Genre: Young Adult Fiction, Dystopian, Science-Fiction, Romance

Rating: 3.5/5 stars

Goodreads Summary: If there is one thing that seventeen-year-old Rain knows and knows well, it is survival. Caring for her little brother, Walker, who is "Touched," and losing the rest of her family to the same disease, Rain has long had to fend for herself on the bleak, dangerous streets of Earth City. When she looks to the stars, Rain sees escape and the only possible cure for Walker. And when a darkly handsome and mysterious captain named Johnny offers her passage to the Edge, Rain immediately boards his spaceship. Her only price: her "willingness."

The Void cloaks many secrets, and Rain quickly discovers that Johnny's ship serves as host for an underground slave trade for the Touched . . . and a prostitution ring for Johnny's girls. With hair as red as the bracelet that indicates her status on the ship, the feeling of being a marked target is not helpful in Rain's quest to escape. Even worse, Rain is unsure if she will be able to pay the costs of love, family, hope, and self-preservation.

With intergalactic twists and turns, Cori McCarthy's debut space thriller exists in an orbit of its own.


  I am very proud to admit that this book was a pleasure to read. I was very afraid of what it would become by the end, especially since this was a "space thriller." I find that these type of books can either become amazing or horrible by the end, there's a 50/50 chance.

  The Color of Rain is all about a sister-brother bond. Rain is the ultimate big sister who only has her little brother, Walker, left in her life, after the rest of her family died. Walker needs a cure for his disease, and the only way for Rain to find it is to board a ship owned by Johnny, a handsome fellow who secretly takes the "Touched" and uses them as slaves underground.

  This book had a great storyline. We normally don't ever read about a brother-sister relationship, but here we had a great one. Instead of a sacrificing romance, this is about the girl having to save her little and only brother. This girl is the perfect role and model, and she shows us that we can do anything, with risks in between, if that doesn't sound overly horrifying cheesy.

   Rain was a great character who told her story thoroughly and left us with no questions in the end. She told her story well and made us readers interested most of the time. I will not say all the time because there were some midway points that were overly exaggerated and predictable.

  The horrific events that occurred in this book were really horrible. I think that the author really tried to make us readers feel sorry for the protagonist, who didn't really make a huge deal about the occurring events. Slavery, troubling romance, and fighting for her brother all sounded a little too much for this kind of book, but thankfully the protagonist handled the situations smartly. 

   The other characters were bland and I didn't really have a favourite because I felt like they were all the same, but it's okay to have bad characters in this situation because we have a pretty well-written storyline.

     Great book for people looking for some action. ^-^

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