P is for The Program and The Patron Saint of Butterflies

Friday, 18 April 2014

   If you're looking for a riveting dystopian book, then pick up The Program. It's different and much more gorgeous than many others, and Suzanne Young is one of the best authors to this date, in my opinion, you'll be into this by the first page.

   The Program changed my point of view on life, I'm serious. But, I'll get to my crying/blabbing later. First, let me tell you how much I am obsessed with this book now. I LOVED IT, IT'S TOO GOOD FOR WORDS!!!!!!!!!!! 

I can't believe it that it was that good, it met my expectations and more, providing me, myself, and I further obsessive symptoms than from where I started. 

I loved how this was divided into three parts, Uncomfortably Numb, The Program, and I Wish You Weren't Here. Every part's words focused on the title, and just made sense, if you know what I mean.

This plot was perfection, I know I say that for most of my five star rating novels' reviews, but it's the truth, otherwise it wouldn't be a five star book in my opinion. The flashbacks and memories that Sloane brought back for us warmed my heart, seriously. I wanted to live in this world forever, even though it became tragic and very depressing for me at times, and that's most of it, hehe. I seriously couldn't put this down and finished it way past my bedtime.

 I'd really recommend not reading this novel if you don't want to bawl up crying for most of it. When the big thing happened, ohh you'd know what I'm talking about when you read it, I wanted the curl up and forget about the world, and just sit there, patting Sloane's back. 

This book will give you the CAPTIVATED ANGRY DISEASE, with contagious symptoms of:

-furious sections of crying
-an unability to speak to anyone for a few hours
-an unability to think about anything else other than the novel for a few hours or days
-an agony for the next novel

*This novel may cause less or more symptoms, depending on the person.*

Ohh, I got that disease, trust me. 

The characters. Gosh, I loved every single one of them! 

Sloane now happens to be one of my favourite rebellious heroines, ever. She's so confident, rebellious, independent, and a girl that you are going to have a girl crush on, seriously. ;) I loved being in the point of view of Sloane's, she's one girl who's best friend I'd want to be. 

Gosh, then we have James... This is where I start to fangirl, because I love him that much.

James is different than most heroes in novels. He's sexy, loving, and would do anything for Sloane, that's the type of guy I adore. When Sloane described her memories of him, I just wanted to be part of it, with him, because I feel that I connect to him, for some reason.

Then we have what I call the extras, Miller, Lacey, the parents, the doctors, Roger (whom I thought we'd get more insight on) and of course, Realm, who I liked, but not as much as James, the hottie. These characters of course made the book better than it would be without them.

So, this book definitely changed my point of view on life. It taught me that you have to care for your loved ones, because one day, you'll never know what may happen. Sloane is that girl who showed me this insight and who I will remember for, forever because of her advice and words of life.

I can't wait to read The Treatment, which is going to be juicy. I totally see Sloane (what a perfect name) and James being rebels, and fighting against The Program. APRIL 29, COME FASTER.

  Even though The Program has nothing to do with a book like this, they both begin with the letter "P," and I'd love to share this unique religious novel with you.

I remember when I first saw this novel at the store. It was sitting there on the shelf, it's gorgeous cover peeking towards me. I couldn't believe it that it was such a bargain, $2! I ran towards it, picked it up, skimmed through the captivating summary, and voila, I bought it.

I've never had much trust in bargain books, what they call the lower-priced novels at my bookstore. They most of the time were really crappy, and got a bad rating in my opinion. I thought that this one also would be one of them. Seriously, it's been sitting in my bookshelf for about half a year. Now, I'm thinking, why didn't I pick it up sooner?

"There is nothing greater than love; it is stronger than any evil, any darkness. Show me the way, Jesus! Love is the answer. If we love one another, then we need not fear anything else. Love is everything." 

The Patron Saint of Butterflies is a two-perspective novel, with both Agnes and Honey, best friends since birth, as the narrators. Both girls are totally different, Agnes plans to become a saint as she grows older, and Honey is the one who can't wait to get out of the town of Mount Blessing, the religious Catholic town outside of Connecticut where 260 other people live, and follow the rules of the Bible, and what Jesus Christ has wanted us to do. Everyone's lifestyles are strict, and hardly anyone gets the sense of the real life out there, disturbances are the fear.

When Agnes' grandmother, Nana Pete, unexpectedly visits the commune, she starts convincing the girls that the life out there is better, and is not wrong. When a disturbing event occurs, Nana Pete convinces the girls to leave Mount Blessing, and to go into the world of secrets and reality.

I adored this storyline. It's totally unique, I don't think that I've ever read a religious book before, so this was a first. I felt wildly captivated, I didn't want to speak to anyone until I was done. Without the deep dark secret that Mount Blessing hides, I'd love to live in this world for a day, Agnes and Honey would be my best friends. 

Agnes is a character that someone would describe as independent, and of course, heroic. She's very confident of what she wants to do, and follows the rules of life. I think that she was my favourite character, I got super excited when her chapter came along.

Honey was the rebel here. Watching TV when it's forbidden, going against the rules, she's that girl that you would want to sneak out with. Although she did have her ups and downs, Honey did end up as another great heroine for me. She had a lot to take in by the end, and I thought that her story is realistic.

This book was beautiful, that's what I describe it. I felt like an angel reading this one, watching throughout the heavens, okay, I think that it influenced me a little too much, haha. 

I hope that you will pick this one up, you maybe won't find it anywhere, but that's the key, it's just that good to not be anywhere, you'll have to seek for it. It's not for everyone, but it will become special to many.


  1. I hadn't heard of the second but The Program caught my attention in 2012, when I added it to my list on goodreads. Hope to read it some day.


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