R is for... Riptide

Monday, 21 April 2014

 One summer. Endless possibilities. I think that this little caption just explains it all for this novel. You really don't need a summary now, everything's all clear here.

Riptide was unbelievable. WHY?! Why did this all happen?! Not that I regret reading this, because I didn't. 

  In this awesome novel, we have Grace Parker, a girl who only has surfing on her mind. Her best friend, Ford Watson is her piggy-back, and together, they can accomplish anything. When Ford signs Grace up for a surfing competition, Grace has to practice and find the truth about her life, she has to get through that riptide that holds everything behind.

  Starting from page one, I was hooked. Grace's voice was so realistic, I haven't read any book lately that's lead really connected to me, and that I pictured them fully. This is what the author did to me. 

 I kept flipping and flipping the pages, I never wanted it to end, and it did, way too quickly.

 A book really has to be amazing in order for be to completely bawl and cry myself out, and that happens in rare occasions. Now, we have another novel that adds to the list, this one.

 Since I felt Grace's emotions very clearly, going through her situation also went through my mind. Seeing how cruelly her parents treated her, of course I had to cry, not shedding a few tears, like full-blast crying. I couldn't believe that something like this happens to people all around the world, if your parents treat you like that, with high-pressure and expectations, of course you want to run away or go live with someone else. I just wanted to be with her, and tell her that everything would be okay, that she would have to keep surfing, and that eventually, the world would come to its right place. She has Ford, and that was all that mattered.

Since Grace's life depended on quotes, here's one that has inspired me today, and I know would for Grace as well:

“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.”      -Douglas Adams

I think that I will remember this novel as the powerful, touching one that made me cry. Beautiful and inspirational, Grace's story is one to keep forever in your heart.


  1. Books that move you can be so hard to find and ones with characters that fit neatly into your life at the time are even rarer. This sounds like a book that would have hit me a lot harder in my teen years than now.

    If I may make a suggestion: Next time could you add a link to the book you're talking about? It would make it easier to check some of these out.

    1. Definitely, I totally agree. This hit me so hard.

      Yes, thank you for the advice. :)

  2. Michelle, awesome book review. I hope you can do this as a living you are great at it!
    I hope you are enjoying the A to Z challenge.
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog.
    Have a great week
    La Luna

    1. Wow, thank you so much! That means a lot to me and made me smile. :D

  3. Good review. I've never been drawn to any surfing books or movies. Maybe growing up in wyoming near well nothing close to being called an ocean had an affect. Though I did at one point want to become a marine biologist. Just not a surfer, Good that the book really pulled you in and tugged at those emotion strings.

    1. Same! I love the ocean, but not surfing in any way. I love to swim, but surfing is nowhere near that. Yes! At one point I wanted to become a marine biologist as well! :D

  4. That is a great quote. And I love the book cover. Isn't it awesome when a book does such a great job that you feel like you know the characters personally? I'm reading one like that now.
    History Sleuth's Writings - Blogging A-Z

    1. I love it! Yes, characters make up a lot when I rate a book, and these characters were absolutely significant!


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