Anime Review: Witch Craft Works

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

  My best friend began watching this anime WAYY before I did, and she HATED it. There were so many "bad" things about it, but I was hooked in. I read so many good things about it and people were raving about it, so I'm like "I'M IN." I watched the first episode and I was hooked in and I adored it.

 Some people would think the whole "teddy bear and bunny rabbit" minion thing is dumb, but I found it to blend in so well with this anime. I'm very proud with how everything turned up.

  Another thing which made me laugh/smile was the whole gender blender idea. It was hilarious to watch because the girl (forgot her name lol) IS SO TALL AND IS CARRYING THE MAIN GUY. XDDD


  The ending was kind of suspenseful, I may say. I was like, "Wut? That's it?" because the episode just ended like that with no big surprise or difference than how it started. Hopefully there'll be a season two because I loved this anime. 7/10

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