Q is for... The Queen of Kentucky

Saturday, 19 April 2014

   Okay. The letter Q. =_=


 Anyways, The Queen of Kentucky was the only book that I've read that begins with the letter "Q" so let's begin.

  I bought this because I was judging the cover, and it looks so posh and beautiful, right? This book was the same as well- beautiful and intriguing. It was a light-hearted contemporary novel that is a must-read for all YA book readers.

 I was in the mood for a chick-lit good read, after reading all of those dark novels that weren't really my type, at the time. This book was perfect for that need, and once I began it, I couldn't seem to put it down. It was such a quick read with so much happening at the same time. To this day, I still can recall the events that occurred, and what happened to the characters.

  Ricki Jo is a fourteen year old who just is going to begin her freshman year of high school, and cannot wait for people to see a whole different other side of her, and is totally ready to join the popular crowd. She soon begins to live the life she always wanted, but she really isn't sure what she wants...

  This reminded me of Mean Girls, the movie, except for a little less drama and romance. The storyline was also about finding yourself and what you can accomplish. 

  Ericka, the main character was very sure of herself. She knew what she wanted to do in life, well eventually figured it out, and her pretty little head was very organized. 


This was a great stand-alone novel that made me laugh at times, and made me realize how close it is to real life. I recommend it to all contemporary lovers. 


  1. Ah yes, the Q book. It turned out to be much harder than even X or Z. I had to go to the Library for mine and ended up going by author last name cause they didn't have any short Quantum Physics books.

    I hadn't heard of this one but sounds interesting. Still think next year I'll just go with a book on Quantum Physics.

    1. Ahaha yes! I have this book in my bookshelf called Quarantine, by Lex Thomas, and I seriously was thinking to read it quickly so I can do my post on it, but then I remembered that this one started with Q, and I liked it, so there we go. :)

  2. I haven't read it yet, but it sounds cute :)

  3. Nice blog and great entry for Q.
    Marlene at On Writing and Riding


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