I is for... If I Stay and I'm Not Her

Thursday, 10 April 2014

  If you can tell, I love tragedy books. Watching the protagonist deal with the difficult situations brings tears to my eyes, and at the same time, gives me a greater enjoyment. 


  When authors write tragic books, they have to create characters that are able to deal with these situations and are strong, and at the same time, have to relate to the reader. I always offer my dear sympathy to these authors because creating these characters are hard.

  If I Stay had one of these phenomenal characters, and this was Mia. She had everything, came from so much and was so spoiled, and she ended up having nothing. This hurts to even think about. You from big, and your hopes slowly decrease. Every thing you once had is gone. This is her journey dealing with the biggest loss of her life. 


 That's where Mia was.

 If I Stay blew me away. It was written so amazingly, and I couldn't wait for the sequel, which I soon bought and read after. 

 Many readers have encouraged each other to read this book, because it's different, and lets you feel different emotions, and sometimes doesn't have a happy ending, which is sometimes surprising, because you think that everything ends in a perfect way. Fiction is almost the same as reality, and you just have to live with it, and move on.

 Gayle Forman is a fantastic author, letting readers feel endearment. I couldn't put it down, my heart just stopped when the tragedy happened, even though I knew something would happen, eventually, and the characters each shone in their own way, especially Mia. She's the best "tragedy book" character ever. So much independence and confidence, even when she went through so much.

 Outstanding. <33

Aww, Miley. <3

 I can guarantee to anyone that YOU WILL LIKE ADORE THIS BOOK WITH NO REGRETS. Okay, just wanted to make that clear.

 Not all cancer books are good. Okay, I lied, most of them are, but this one was something more special. This was about sisterly love, and you don't find that a lot in books.  

 Tess is known as the smart one, while Kristina is the sporty one. When Kristina is diagnosed with bone cancer, Tess' life flashes toward her eyes, and she can't believe what's happening. Wanting to keep it a secret, Kristina thinks that it's worth to hide away, when her family knows that sharing it is the right thing to do. Suddenly, Tess is the popular one, and is taking after Kristina's old life, she's making new friends and memories to keepsake in her heart forever.

I love cancer stories, they just break your heart, but in a good way. This story reminded me of John Green's The Fault in Our Stars in a way, both stories shared a friendship and bond between the characters that I just can't explain.

Once I started reading this phenomenal novel, I couldn't leave it behind. Janet Gurtler truly showed us the true meaning of friendship and sisterhood in this beautiful story. I was so excited for this novel, and it just was gorgeous, one of the best contemporary books I've ever read.

Tess and Kristina both were beautiful characters whose stories I will remember forever, just because of how gorgeous characters they were and how I wish to know them. I felt like they were talking to me, and Janet Gurtler definitely wanted their story to be told to ours amazingly.


  1. Yes, If I Stay was amazing. I liked the character from the beginning so it was an emotional read throughout. I haven't heard of the other books but it will be put into consideration. While I don't care for sad movies (comedy is my preference) with books it's a different story.

    1. Definitely! To me, it really depends on my mood, sometimes I'll be in for a hilarious book (especially on rainy days), but a sad tragic book will always make me smile on others as well. :)

  2. I love everything by Gayle Forman. She is so good! I'm excited for the If I Stay movie and i'm wondering how it will turn out.


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